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Photo Archive

Ratomir Dujkovic : December 2004 - 13 July 2006[2006-07-15]
Ratomir Dujkovic : December 2004 - 13 July 2006
World Champs -Ghana's Group Leaders[2006-07-09]
World Champs -Ghana's Group Leaders
Ike Quartey Fights[2006-07-06]
Ike Quartey Fights
Ghana-USA -behind the scences[2006-06-29]
Ghana-USA -behind the scences
Its Over[2006-06-27]
Its Over
Ghana 0-3 Brazil[2006-06-27]
Ghana 0-3 Brazil
Getting Ready For Brazil[2006-06-25]
Getting Ready For Brazil
Ghana 2-1 USA: Game Pictures[2006-06-22]
Ghana 2-1 USA: Game Pictures
Ghana 2-1 USA[2006-06-22]
Ghana 2-1 USA
Ghana-USA:  Judgement Day @Nuremberg[2006-06-21]
Ghana-USA: Judgement Day @Nuremberg
Ghana 2 Czech 0[2006-06-18]
Ghana 2 Czech 0
Ghana-Czech:  Training for the match[2006-06-16]
Ghana-Czech: Training for the match