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About 100 students of the University of Cape Coast have been admitted at the university’s hospital in the Central region for cholera.
Two people have so far been reported dead.
Starr News checks have also revealed that over 50 students are also on admission for food poisoning.
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Top News of Fri 19 Sep 2014

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Nigeria strike to linger; Ghana to suffer more
Crime Story
Unemployed in court for stealing
Afoko drags Hajia Fati to police
Anomabo residents defecate along beaches to pacify gods
I Can Transform Ghana into Africa's Singapore --- Kwame Mayor
Noah: The first [Man] Prophet of Allah to invent an Ark[a ship]
Make “heart choices” in order to improve your health - Second lady
Top Story
NPP race: Alan dares competitors to show achievements

Unfulfilled promises and the Brazil fiasco

Unfulfilled promises and the Brazil fiasco

Headlines 2014-09-19

Rawlings ends tour of Namibia

Rawlings @Namibia

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