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Comment: Is the Church failing the nation?

Bible Hand The Church is an institution that has existed from the very beginning of human existence. Indeed in early times nations were governed by priests because they were well versed in matters of governance and were also revered by the people. Churches have since those times played very influential roles in nation building and governance, contributing to discourse in matters of the state. The Church has also contributed immensely to the provision of health and educational facilities across the country and has even moved to other sectors such as microfinance, insurance and the provision of social amenities. All these contributions » Read More

Oct 25
Christian Children Fund of Canada CEO to visit Ghana
Oct 24
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Oct 23
Bonnke Gospel Crusade comes off at Suame Roundabout
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Church launches environmental campaign
Oct 22
Religious leader calls for discipline
Head of Anglican Church to visit Ghana
Is The Bible A Reliable Historical Document?
Oct 21
Church has become busy for nothing - Rev. Asante
Sekondi Anglican Church seeks reconciliation
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