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Regional News of Thursday, 19 December 2013

Source: GNA

GIS commitment to delivering excellence

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is committed to delivering excellence in migration management for national development.

A statement issued by Assistant Controller of Immigration Francis Palmdeti, GIS Head of Public Affairs, to commemorate the international migrants’ day, which fell Wednesday, said Ghana has made remarkable strides in its development as a nation through the significant contributions made by migrants since independence.

It said: “Some migrants have become naturalised citizens while others have lived in the country for a number of years and are currently on permanent residence status.

“On this day, the GIS would like to wish them well in all their endeavours. Similarly, there are thousands of migrants residing in Ghana legitimately and we urge them to remain law-abiding.”

It noted that unfortunately, during the second and third quarters of the year, the GIS had to remove some migrants who had broken the conditions for their entry.

The statement said it must be emphasised that in spite of Ghana’s traditional credentials as a hospitable country, the nation would not tolerate migrants who would come to Ghana to flout its laws with impunity.

It said Ghana continues to attract more migrants which is evident in the statistics so far gathered, and this is clearly attributed to conducive political, social and economic factors prevailing.

“We would therefore do all we can to make their entry, exit and residence smooth devoid of any unnecessary hindrances.

“We would ensure that migrants residing in Ghana legally would continue to enjoy the protection of the Service and for that matter the country,” the statement said.

“We would like to also take this opportunity to remind all guardians, employers and persons who have some form of association with migrants about their obligations toward making the life of migrants in Ghana a happy one.”

It said worthy of noting is that foreign nationals wishing to live and work in Ghana should obtain work and residence permits.

The statement said corporate bodies and other institutions including schools, hotels, and motels that wish to employ foreigners must obtain work permits from the Immigration Quota Committee (Ministry of Interior) through the GIS, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre or the Ghana Free Zone Board as the case may be, after which a residence permit is obtained on application to the Director of Immigration.

“At the beginning of every year, corporate bodies, educational or medical institutions, hotels and individuals with expatriate workers and guest in Ghana should submit their personal details, immigration status and other relevant information to the nearest GIS office or the Headquarters as required by law.

“The GIS will continue to improve on its services in order to make Ghana an attractive and safe destination for migrants,” it said.

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