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Regional News of Thursday, 12 December 2013

Source: Daily Guide

Soldier batters woman

An unidentified military officer battered a 32-year-old woman for attempting to catch a glimpse of a commercial driver, who was arrested by a service man at Kejetia Terminal in Kumasi on Saturday.

A medical report said that Yaa Pokuaa, a trader at the terminal, sustained “multiple surface abrasions on the right nipple, posterior, right trunk” as a result of the attack.

The incident, which is being investigated by the police at Kejetia, was said to have happened around 2pm on that fateful day.

Yaa Pokuaa, popularly known as ‘Obaa Yaa Racecourse,’ told Daily Guide that the timely intervention of eyewitnesses helped to restrain the military officer.

The victim explained she was among curious traders and commuters that thronged one of the offices at the terminal to catch a glimpse of the driver.

Obaa Yaa claimed the military officer called her and struck her with a belt without provocation.

According to the victim, she went there to catch a glimpse of a commercial driver who was arrested for dropping the remains of an orange on the ground

“He ordered me to come forward as if he wanted to ask me a question only for him to batter me with a belt repeatedly all over my body, thereby causing harm to my breast, back, hand and face,” Yaa Pokuaa stated, adding that she least expected that.

She said witnesses were initially not eager to react, but intervened upon sensing danger which saved her.

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