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Photo Archive

Swiss ambassador calls on veep[2014-09-28]
Swiss ambassador calls on veep
Mahama @ UN and African Investment Forum[2014-09-25]
Mahama @ UN and African Investment Forum
First Lady@UN General Assembly[2014-09-23]
First Lady@UN General Assembly
Rawlings ends tour of Namibia[2014-09-18]
Rawlings ends tour of Namibia
Prof. Kwapong's funeral[2014-09-16]
Prof. Kwapong's funeral
2nd lady at Takoradi polytechnic[2014-09-14]
2nd lady at Takoradi polytechnic
Minister  visits  Ambassador of France[2014-09-13]
Minister visits Ambassador of France
Veep at policy makers meeting[2014-09-08]
Veep at policy makers meeting
Veep in Sunyani[2014-09-02]
Veep in Sunyani
Lordina Foundation makes Donation to La General Hospital[2014-08-27]
Lordina Foundation makes Donation to La General Hospital
Komenda sugar factory opening pictures[2014-08-24]
Komenda sugar factory opening pictures