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Crime & Punishment of Friday, 28 August 2020


UG: Suspected serial thief apprehended at Mensah Sarbah Hall

The alleged thief was handed over to hall authorities at the porter The alleged thief was handed over to hall authorities at the porter

A suspected serial thief, believed to be in his late 20s, was been apprehended by the University of Ghana security after being accused of entering the room of a resident of the hall and attempting to make away with some items, including a laptop.

The man was first apprehended by students of the University who were playing football at the Gonja Field, which is a few meters away from the main Mensah Sarbah Hall.

The incident occurred at about 10:00 am on Saturday, 22nd August 2020.

UniversNews understands that this is about the third time that the suspected thief has been caught attempting to make away with the belongings of students.

“I stepped out of the room to use the washroom. When I came back, I realized that the door, which was closed, was now slightly opened. I opened it and I saw the guy inside. He had already packed my laptop, my phone, and other valuables into his bag. Immediately he noticed me, he tried to attack me and so I went out, closed the door, and shouted for help. He forcefully opened the door to escape but thankfully, people were already around playing football at Gonja Park. With their help, they were able to catch him and helped me retrieve my items,” Patricia, who is the victim in Saturday’s incident narrated to UniversNews

The alleged thief was then handed over to hall authorities at the porter’s lodge who in turn called the University of Ghana security to appropriately handle the matter.

“I went back to the room very traumatized, but I was asked to come to the Porter’s Lodge as the University security was going to transport the suspected thief to the Legon Police Station. We went and they took my statement but CID was not around. But they made me know that he was a popular guy and this was the third time they had caught him. I had my phone and everything with them and I told them that I had an exam to prepare for so I couldn’t leave it with them. They took a picture of it and asked me to leave,” Patricia further recounted.

The Nursing student also told UniversNews that the Legon Police have asked her to assist as they pursue the matter to court.

However, she told UniversNews that her imminent licensure exams will not afford her the necessary time for such a process.

“At the Police Station, my report was taken was told that they would be glad if I could take it up to the courts so they can remand him. But because I’m preparing for my exam, I can’t but they told me that they would contact me if there is an issue,” she added.