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General News of Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Source: Class FM

Bring it on – PPP calls bluff of Mills' family

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has dared the brother of the late John Evans Atta Mills to go ahead and expose any skeletons he claims he knows about in Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom’s closet if he has any such dirt on the party’s flag bearer.

“If we are going on exposing spree, let him (Samuel Atta Mills) bring it on,” General Secretary of the PPP Murtala Mohammed told Class News’ Atiewin Mbillah-Lawson in an interview.

The PPP’s challenge is in response to threats made by Mr Atta Mills in an interview on 12Live on Class 91.3FM on Monday September 19, to expose the skeletons in Dr Nduom’s closet if he kept asking questions about the death of Professor Mills.

Mr Mohammed had earlier at a rally called on the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) to make the autopsy report of Professor Mills public if they had no hand in his death.

Mr Mohammed’s comments came within the same week Dr Nduom, at a rally in Cape Coast, had said some NDC officials put on a public show of sorrow with Prof Mills’ demise but privately rejoiced over his passing, saying it had paved the way for their electoral triumph in 2012.

In response, Samuel Atta Mills told Class News: “Now what Papa Kwesi Nduom [needs to do] – and I’m sorry to call him Papa Kwesi Nduom – is, he needs to explain to Ghanaians why he changed his name from Joseph Yorke to Papa Kwesi Nduom. Look, the fact that we are peaceful doesn’t mean that you can take us for a ride. Papa Kwesi Nduom, this is a warning to him, he needs to shut up about always asking questions about who killed Prof.

Now if he keeps on saying that then it means he has some information. If he keeps on doing that his clan will have to come and explain to our clan what happened. My advice to Papa Kwesi Kwesi Nduom is this: ‘If you don’t want a dog to lick you in the face, you don’t play with it.’ I don’t know why Paa Kwesi Nduom is making it his crusade. If he doesn’t shut up about that, I will make it my project [to expose him]…,”

In reaction to Mr Atta Mills’ threat, Mr Mohammed said the PPP stands by its demand for the autopsy report to be made public and dared Mr Atta Mills to go ahead and carry through his threat.

“We are giving him the go ahead to expose [Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom]; the reason is that there is nothing to expose. Again we have a press release to that effect to explain what they claim as name-change. There is nothing like name change, the same Yorke is Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom. Fante’s have traditional names or local names and other names. …I don’t know what they are going to expose…we say the party has given him the go ahead to expose Dr [Nduom]. Apart from being the former president’s brother, what do you know about him (Samuel Atta Mills)? We have people like Dr [Nduom] who have achieved big in this world and you think you can teach him common sense? We know they come from Otuam, nobody knows Samuel Atta Mills in Elmina and he will lose that election. If that is the reason why he is coming at Dr [Nduom], we will expose him the more and we know when his father came to Elmina, if we are going on exposing spree, let him bring it on,” Mr Mohammed threatened.

“…I was the one who made that request…the founder of NDC was the first person to tell us this story, Anita Desoso also said the same thing, Anyidoho said he was going to speak at the right time; [there are] rumours all over the place about how Mills died and what killed him as the first citizen of the land, the PPP is demanding they produce the autopsy report…” the PPP General Secretary stressed.