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1957 Govt. of Ghana

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Sitting left to right:Mr. A.E. Inkumsah, Minister of Housing 2. Mr. Kojo Botsio, Minister of Trade and Labour 3. Mr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Prime Minister 4. Mr. K.A. Gbedemah, Minister of Finance 5. Mr. A Casely-Hayford, Minister of Communications Standing left to right: 1. Mr. A.E.A. Ofori Atta, Minister of Local Government 2. Mr. N.A. Welbeck, Minister of Works 3. Mr. B. Yeboa-Afari, Minister of Agriculture 4. Mr. J.H. Alhassani, Minister of Health 5. Mr. J.B. Erzuah, Minister of Education 6. Mr. L.R. Abavana, Minister without Portfolio 7. Mr. Ako Adjei, Minister of the Interior 8. Mr. Krobo Edusei, Minister without Portfolio