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General News of Saturday, 27 July 2013

Source: The Informer

Lessons President Mills taught Ghanaian politicians

As we celebrate the first anniversary of the death of our dear President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, The Informer wishes to advise all Ghanaians; particularly politicians, that the best legacy we can remember the late President for, is to practise what he said and lived for.


President Atta Mills exhibited humility to a fault. In fact, he was so humble that those who did not know him were surprised by his humility. The Informer believes Ghana has never had a president who answers his phone more than letting his secretary answer.

Ghana will never have a president who was known to call people personally and talk to them.


It is said that every politician is a liar, but; to every rule there is an exception and Professor Mills had been an exception. If President Mills would not do something for you, he will not say he would. Many politicians knowing very well they will not do you a favour, will look at you and tell you they will do it.


If you do an average of the number of insults a Ghanaian President had ever received during his reign, the late Professor Mills had been the most insulted president in the history of this country.

Even though, ex-President Rawlings ruled for almost 20 years, majority of his reign did not see mushrooming of private radio stations and newspapers as it happened during the reign of ex-President John Kufuor and the late Atta Mills.

Under John Kufuor, Professor Mills was the opposition leader competing with Kufuor; and bore the brunt of the insults of New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters, during the 8 years reign of Kufuor. So, in terms of insults per hour, the late Mills was the most insulted, but he tolerated them and never responded.


It is said that, of all the ethnic groups in Ghana, Fantes have the largest number of persons on the average, who like exhibiting a sense of humour, and President Mills was a true Fante in that regard.

An example was his last state of the nation address: He said, he knew he will be heckled but did not expect it will be so “GARGANTUAN”.

Readers can refer to Professor Kwamena Ahwoi’s 20-paged statement published in The Informer.