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Hospitals In Ghana


1st foundation clinic

abokobi health center

aboraa hospital

achimota hospital

ada health centre

adabraka clinic

adabraka polyclinic

adenta clinic

adwoa boatemaa mem. cl

agomeda chps zone

airport clinic

alpha medical centre

amamorley community clinic

amanda clinic and maternity home

amoah memorial hospital

ankam medicure centre

anton medicare

anyamam health post

apenkwa chps zone

asamoah clinic

ashaiman polyclinic

ashiyie community clinic

ayifua clinic

ayikuma chps

baatsona good shepherd medical center

barnor hospital

bengali hospital

bernice clinic

bethany medical services

biney medical center

bob freeman clinic

bornikope health centre

bortianor health centre

c & j medicare- cargill unit

calvary cross clinic

castle clinic

castle clinic

castle drive clinic

citadel clinic

civil service clinic

clara memorial clinic

club road clinic

cocoa clinic

crocodile matchet clinic

danfa health centre

dangbe community hospital

dangbe west district hospital

dangme east district hospital

danpong clinic

dansoman polyclinic

dawhenya chps zone

dela clinic

deseret hospital

divine clinic services

dome sapaman chps

duffor health center

ecclesia medical &eye centre

efan victory clinic

el shaddai clinic

el-bethel clinic /maternity home

engleshi amanfro health centre

eric heymann memorial clinic

esidem hospital madina

fair lady clinic

faith evangelical mission clinic

faith evangelical mission hospital

faith medical centre

family health hospital

focos orthopaedic hospital

ga south district hospital (cdh)

ga west municipal hospital(amasaman)

gak clinic

gbc clinic

general family hospital

ghacem clinic

ghana atomic energy commission clinic

ghana ports and harbours authority clinic

ghana post clinic

glefe chps compound

godia clinic

graphic communications group ltd clinic

hajj abdulai yaro memorial clinic and maternity

hobats clinic

holy cross clinic & maternity

holy heights clinic

home health ghana

iran clinic

jilac specialist clinic

joana clinic ltd

kaneshie polyclinic

kasseh health centre

king david clinic

kojo ashong community clinic

kokrobite health centre

kpone health centre

la general hospital

lapaz community hospital

lapaz community hospital annexe

lekma hospital

lekpongunor chps

link road hospital

loving care clinic scan centre

maamobi polyclinic

mab medicare centre

madina polyclinic

madina polyclinic kekele

maldey medical centre

mamprobi poyclinic

manhean health center

manna mission hospital

maranatha health services

marie stopes intrnational

marie stopes intrnational, kokomlemle centre

mechanical lloyd clinic

megavest medical centre

mercy clinic

midway clinic ltd

mission clinic

mother love heath care

mother of god clinic

muhammed al - ayar clinic

nadela hospital

narh bita hospital

neptune medical centre

new crystal (afenyo memorial) hospital

new crystal clinic, adjei kwadwo

new crystal clinic, ashaiman

new crystal clinic, michel camp

new crystal clinic, tema

new generation medical centre

new ningo chps zone

nightingale clinic

nima government clinic

north legon hospital

nostra klinik ltd

nsakina chps

nyame bekyere health centre

nyibenya chps zone

oak street clinic

obengfo hospital

obom health center

odorna clinic

oduman health centre

okanta memorial clinic

old ningo health center

omari medical center

opec government clinic

opmann clinic

opoku ware hospital

osudoku health center

osuwem chps zone

oyoko clinic

passion clinic

peace be consultancy clinic

pediatokope health centre

pentecost hospital madina

pentecost hospital, madina

pokuase chps

police hospital

port medical centre

ppag family health clinic

prampram health center

prima health services

princess marie louise hospital

queens medical centre

rabito clinic

raphal medical center


ridge regional hospital

robert martin children clinic

rophi health center

royal good shepherd medical centre

royal mmr hospital

royal star clinic & diagnostic centre

s d a hospital

s star utrasound scan

samsam community clinic

second bridge clinic

sefam clinic

sege health centre

shalom medical services

sight for africa clinic

sos childrens village clinic

st andrews catholic clinic

st andrews clinic

st clement clinic

st florence clinic

st glorias clinic

st minas clinic

st minas clinic lebanon

st moses clinic

sulemana memorial hospital

swan clinic and medical laboratory

swan clinic and medical laboratory ltd

tema general hospital

tema oil refinery clinic

tema polyclinic

teshie community clinic

the community hospital new ashongman

the rock hospital

the trust clinic adenta

the trust clinic sakumono

the trust clinic tema

unilever clinic

university hospital legon

urban aid health centre

urgent care hospital

ussher polyclinic

valco hospital

valley view university clinic

vebs medical centre

vicom hospital

vra hospital accra

wencol pharmacy


abenkyiman clinic

aboabo health center

aboabogya health centre

aboaboso chps compound

aboaso health center

abofuor health centre

abore health center

abrafi memorial hospital

abuakwa health center

abuakwa health centre

abuakwaa chps compound

abuohia tophill clinic (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

achiase health centre

adidwan health centre

adiebeba hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

adimposo ii chps zone

adonfe hunger project

adum clinic

adwumakasekese health centre

aframso health centre

afrancho health center

afrancho health centre

agona government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ahenema kokoben health centre

ahenema kokoben health centre

ahenkro health center

ahmadiyya muslim hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ahmadiyya muslim hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ahmadiyya muslim hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ahodwo new cross hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ahwene memorial hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ahwerewa chps compound

ahyiresu chps compound

akomaa memorial sda hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

akomadan health centre

akrofuom health centre

akrokerri health centre

akropong health centre

akutreso health center

akyerekyerekrom chps compound

allen clinic

allen urological clinic

amantenaman(nyinamponase) h/ c

amoah memorial hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ampabame clinic and maternity

ampunyase health center

ananekrom health centre

anglican health centre tano-odumasi

anglogold ashanti hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

anhwiaso health center

anidaso clinic

aninwah medical centre (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

anitemfe chps zone

ankam chps zone

antoa health center

antoakrom health center

anwiam clinic (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

anwomaso community maternity/ clinic

anyinasosu clinic

anyinasuso health centre

anyinofi health centre

apatrapa health centre

apemanim chps

apemanim chps compound

apromase government clinic

asaam health center

asafo adjei hospital ltd (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

asamang chps compound

asempa clinic and maternity home

asiwa health centre

asokwa childrens hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

asokwa health centre

asubuasu health centre

asuhyia chps compound

asuhyiae chps compound

asuofua health centre

ataase health centre

atasomanso hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

atobiase chps compound

atobiase chps compound

atonsu health centre

atwereboana chps compound

atwereboana chps compound

atwima maakro clinic (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

atwima mponua district hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ayeduase clinic

ayush memorial hospital

banka health centre

banko health centre

barekese health centre

bayerebon no 5 chps zone

bekwai municipal hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

benim health center

benito menni health center

beposo health center

bestad charity clinic

betiako health center

biemso no ii chps compound

birem health centre

boakye dankwah memorial hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

boamang health centre

boanim health centre

bomfa health centre

bompata health centre

bomso clinic (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

bonsua health centre

bonwire clinic

brofoyedru health centre

bryant mission hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

calvary health services

cedar crest hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

central market health centre

christ the king hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

church of christ mission clinic

church of god clinic

city hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

county hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

dakopon hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

datano chps compound

dawia health center

district hospital-mampong (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

divine grace hospital ltd (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

divine hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

divine mercy hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

donna gibb clinic (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

dr. osei hospital

dunkirk clinic

dwease health centre

dwendwenase health centre

effiduasi government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ejisu government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

ejura district hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

emahata clinic

ernest medical centre

esienkyem chps zone

essuowin health center

essuowin health centr

essuowin health centre

eye adom maternity & clinic

family care hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

fenaso chps zone

first care hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

first klass hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

foase health centre

foase health centre

fomena health center

fumesua govt maternity home

fumso health center

gansmens clinic

garden city hospital

global evangelical mission hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

god's glory clinic (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

golden fingers healthcare

graceland clinic

grumesa chps compound

grumesa chps compound

gyasikrom chps zone

gyereso health center

homako chps

homescan clinic

hwidiem chps compound

hwidiem chps compound

jachie health centre

jamasi h/c

jane speaks a.m.e zion mission health center

jeduako chps compound

jesus care voluntary centre

jilf health services

jomo medical centre (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

juaben government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

juansa health center

juaso district hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

kama clinic ltd.

kefam health services (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

keniago health center

keniago health centre

kenyase health center

kma clinic

knust hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

kofiase health center

komeso chps

kona health centre

konongo-odumasi government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

kotokuom health center

krobo-dadiease health center

kropo charity hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

kufuor clinic

kumasi south hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

kumawu health centre

kunka health centre

kunsu dotiem chps zone

kuntanase gov hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

kwabere district hospital, asonomaso (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

kwagye krom chps zone

kwakwa ampadu memorial clinic

kwamang health center, afigya

kwamang health centre

kwamang health centre

kwanwoma chps zone

kwaso health centre

kyekyewere health centre

kyempo epi center

kyenkyenkura chps

kyenkyenkura chps compound

lucy asihene clinic & maternity

madonna health services (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

mamponteng health center

manfo health centre

manhyia district hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

mankranso district hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

manso edubia health center

manso nkran chps zone

maranatha hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

marboah hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

mater dei clinic (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

maternal & child health hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

mckenzie health services ltd

meduma clinic maternity home

mensomso chps compound

mensonso chps compound

methodist clinic bebu ahyiaem

methodist clinic brodekwano

methodist clinic, amakom-lake bosomtwe

methodist clinic-aburaso

methodist clinic-nyameani

methodist clinic-senchi

methodist faith healing hospital ankaase (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

mile 14 chps zone

millennium charity hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

morso chps compound

moshie zongo clinic

moshie zongo clinic

mother of god health center, esaase bontefufuo

mount sinai hospital

mpasaaso dotiem chps zone

mpasaaso health center

mpobi healtth centre

mpranease chps zone

multi clinic

muramura health centre

muronam health centre

na-charl clinic

nadaworoma clinic

nana afua kobi hospital

nancy powells chps zone

neighbourhood hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

new edubiase government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

nipankyeremia chps

nkawie clinic

nkawie gov t hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

nkenkensu government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

nnadieso health centre

nokoreasa chps compound

nokwareasa chps

nsuaem chps zone

nsuta community clinic

nsuta health centre

numereso chps compound

numereso health centre

nweneso iii chps

nweneso iii chps compound

obenemase chps compound

obenimase chps compound

obogu health centre

obonsu chps compound

obonsu chps compound

obuasi clinic and diagnostic centre

obuasi government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

obuasi rigde hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

offinso health centre

ofoase health centre

oforikrom hospital ltd (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

okaikrom health center

oku catholic clinic

onwe govt. hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

paks hospital

paradise clinic

paradyse clinic

peace and love hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

pease chps zone

pima hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

poku transport children hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

pokukrom health center

praso health center

presbyterian hospital agogo (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

prima medical centre

quality health care, mbrom (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

queens hospital and maternity (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

rev. walker medical centre (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

rophi health centre ltd

royal ash hospital

royal medical agency clinic

saakrom health center

sabronum health center

sacred heart health center

sakora wonoo health center

salvation army health centre

saviour community clinic

sda clinic apaa

sda health centre (konkoma)

sda health centre (namong)

sda health centre (nobewa)

sda hospital (asamang) (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

sda hospital (wiamoase) (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

sda hospital dominase (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

sda hospital kwadaso kumasi (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

sda hospital(obuasi) (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

sekyeredumase health centre

sekyereman community clinic

sepe buokrom clinic

sepe-dote health center

siaw-larbi hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

sikaman chps compound

sikaman chps compound

siloam hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

sokoban wood village clinic

sokoban wood village clinic

south patasi hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

sreso timpom health center

st anns clinic

st anthonys health center

st edward's clinic

st john s health center

st john the apostle clinic

st joseph clinic

st jude hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

st louis health centre

st luke hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

st lukes health center

st martin s catholic hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

st marys clinic

st michael's hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

st patricks hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

st peter's clinic

st peters hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

st vincents clinic

st. mary anglican clinic

st. mary anglican clinic

stadium clinic

subriso health center

suntreso hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

supercare hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

tafo government hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)

tepa district hospital (PRIMARY HOSPITAL)