Crime & Punishment of Thursday, 27 October 2011

Source: Razak Mardorgyz Abubakar & Vincent Kubi

Three Homosexuals Arrested

The Sakumono District Police station on Friday witnessed the Ghanaian version of the famous American TV programme ‘The Jerry Springer Show’, where guests openly fight others in the name of reclaiming their loved ones from snatchers, when three young men suspected to be gay openly expressed jealousy by castigating each other for partner-snatching.

The police, who were shocked at what transpired, quickly apprehended the three suspects without hesitation, as their several pleas to the senior police officers for pardon after their quarrels landed them in trouble.

The suspects were Inusah Issifu, 27, pork dealer, Samuel Lartey, a 19-year old student and Kingsley Quansah, a 25-year-old caterer. Two other persons also believed to be gay and connected to the arrested persons were currently on the run.

One was named Charles and the other Obolo. All three arrested persons were said to be residents of Tema. Some of the items retrieved from them at the time of the arrest were water-based lubricant suspected to be used for penetration, petroleum jell, dressing mirror, tooth brush and paste and dresses among others.

Superintendent Alex C. Wowolo, who confirmed the incident to Daily Guide, noted that on October 19, 2011, one of the arrested persons, Samuel, reported a case of unnatural carnal knowledge against Inusah and alleged that he suspected Inusah of lacing his drink with tranquilizers which made him fall asleep.

Samuel Lartey He told the police that while he was asleep, he felt some heaviness on him and woke up only to see Inusah sodomizing him and even though he wanted to free himself, he could not because his assailant was too heavy for him to overpower.

The Commander stated that while investigations were underway about the alleged sodomy, Samuel, the complainant, was issued with Police Medical Report Form to attend hospital for examination and treatment, and later Inusah was arrested.

The police boss said that it came to light at some point of the investigations that the two were suspected homosexuals, adding that the case of sodomy was reported to cover up their true identities.

Superintendent Wowolo said Inusah and Samuel later admitted to being gay partners and pleaded with the police for mercy.

He said Inusah mentioned to the police that it was Kingsley who introduced Sammy to him as his (Kingsley’s) partner during police interrogation.

He said investigations revealed that Kingsley, who felt jilted and jealous, lured his ex-partner, Samuel, who was having rashes under his manhood and around his anus, to report a case of sodomy against Inusah, who was also suffering from the same disease. It was suspected that Inusah had infected Samuel with the disease.

A few minutes after the arrest of the two partners, Kingsley was said to have appeared at the police station to visit Samuel when he was also arrested. A search in his bag revealed some water-based lubricant, dresses, mirror, toothbrush and paste and condoms among others.

Superintendent Wowolo said the three suspects would be arraigned after investigations into the matter were concluded, adding that a search for the said Obolo and Charles was also on course.

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