Cellular /Mobile Network

The Total Cellular/Mobile Voice Subscriber Base in Ghana as at November, 2012 stood at 25,344,745.Cellular

MTN had a marginal increase and maintained its position as the market leader with a subscriber base of 11,615,801 representing 45.33% of total market share.

Vodafone's subscriber base increased to 5,175,377 which represent 20.20 % of total market share.

Tigo had a marginal subscriber base decrease, closing at 3,673,934 which represents 14.34 % of the market while Airtel increased its subscriber base to 3,132,615 representing 12.23% of the total market share.

GLO decreased its subscriber base; its current subscriber base of 1,578,446 represents 6.16 % of the total market share.

Expresso though, decreased its subscriber base to 168,572.The 168,572 represents 0.66 % of the total market share.


Ghana now has six Telecommunications companies operating in the countries telecom sector. Companies like MTN, Vodafone and Tigo who changed ownership over the years still maintain the top spots in the market share index with stiff competition.  

Companies like Airtel, Espresso and Glo have not been doing so well in the stiff competition that exists in the market. All three together share less than 20% of the market share.