General News of Sunday, 20 April 2014

Source: XYZ

Let's help Mahama succeed or NDC doomed in 2016 - Spio

If the Mahama administration fails, Ghanaians will be more likely to replace the current administration with the opposition New Patriotic Party irrespective of who leads the governing party into the next elections, Dr. Ekwow Spio Gabrah has warned his party.

The former flagbearer Aspirant has, therefore, urged all members of the National Democratic Congress to support the President to succeed.

“My own current view is that all NDC members must do their very best to help President Mahama to succeed,” the former Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation (C.T.O) Chief Executive said in a statement to respond to a campaign by a facebook fan page which is pushing a ‘Spio for 2016 presidential agenda.

The former Education Minister said: “Helping President Mahama to succeed is to help Ghana itself to become a better country,” warning that: “If the President and the NDC government do not achieve the Better Ghana Agenda, the people of Ghana are more likely to look to another party--most obviously the NPP--to offer them better government, rather than to another leader from within the NDC.”

He said: “If President Mahama fails, the electorate's judgement would be that "NDC has failed" and not just President Mahama as an individual. In that case, it is the NDC that would/could lose the next election and not just the President.”

Dr. Spio Gabrah who is currently in Tunis working for the African Development Bank also dissociated himself from the fan page. He said he’s minding his own business in that country and said: “This is just to let you know that I do not know who are behind this group, as I rarely even visit Facebook and have not posted/pasted anything to any site there in at least three years.”

“I take it that any such groups are working out of various frustrations with daily life in Ghana,” he added.