Entertainment of Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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Are Ghanaians Hypocrites To Secular Turned Gospel Artistes?

If some secular artistes who become born again and subsequently gospel artistes regrets becoming so, it is perhaps due to the lack of support Ghanaians give to them. ‘Ghanaians are hypocrites’. This is a statement that sounds harsh and derogatory but is a truism.

Its truism is well demoed in how Ghanaians as fans herald artistes when they are secular and the sudden drift of stand when such artistes become ‘born again’ and subsequently gospel artistes.

Since when God was calling those artistes no one was there to bear witness, we can only respect and also rejoice when secular artistes repent from their saturnalia lifestyles and become gospel artistes to sing devotionally for the lord and mankind.

Unfortunately, when such secular artistes become gospel artistes, the remissness for them and their songs is as disappointing as the way Peter denied Jesus the Christ. The moment a secular artiste becomes born again or turn a gospel artiste, the best Ghanaians does is to congratulate the fellow. After that, support for the artiste and his/her works is left between the artistes and the lord who called.Evangelist Nana Ampadu, Pastor Azigiza Jnr, Rev. K.K. Kabobo, Pastor Felix Owusu, Pastor Papa Shee,Evangelist Nana King, Evangelist Lord Kenya, Brother Ofori Amponsah, I greet you all in the name of the lord.

First, if the secular-turned-gospel artiste releases albums, hardly are they played by DJ’s on radio. My good friend Lord Kenya recently after repenting and producing a song came public, lamenting that radio DJ’s don’t play his songs but some of these DJs when he was a secular artiste would even call him for his music CDs just to promote him. Now that he has a ‘deeper’ message to give, the very DJs are not supporting his new cause.

Secondly, when the secular-turned-gospel artiste releases album (s) into the market, the very fans who gave them encomium for becoming gospel musicians don’t patronise their songs as they used to with such artistes former secular songs or as they would patronise an already known or existing gospel artistes songs/albums.

Thirdly, hardly or rarely is secular-turned-gospel artistes nominated or their songs/albums nominated for music awards.

Fourthly, the secular-turned-gospel artiste is rarely called by pastors of churches to perform for their congregation and paid as in the case of already known or household named gospel musicians. Fifthly, hardly is the secular-turned-gospel artiste nominated or their songs/albums nominated for traditional gospel music awards or called upon by organizers to perform and paid at traditional gospel musical concerts.

Indeed the plight of a secular-turned-gospel artiste is one pathetic tale of a life experience that I will never be surprised if some of them go back for their vomits. I wish them the mettle to carry on. I wish am ubiquitous to ask all Ghanaians; why don’t our DJs play gospel songs composed by secular-turned-gospel artistes like they did for them when they were secular artistes?

Why don’t secular-turned-gospel artistes get nominated or their songs/albums get nominated for music awards? Why don’t secular-turned-gospel artistes make huge sales like the traditionally known gospel musicians? Won’t our neglect for such artistes cause some of them to go back for their past ways? And if it happens, would we have the temerity to criticise them?

Hypocrisy will find all of us out someday.