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Baba Gedo Self-confessed referees' briber Baba Gedo under pressure to name corrupt match officials
Self-confessed bribe giver and President of Amidaus Professionals Alhaji Baba Gedo has come under fire to name the referees he has bribed to change the outcome of league matches. Baba Gedo, who on Wednesday confessed to paying bribes to match officials to force results of matches his way, has been attacked by fans on social media and asked to name the referees he has bribed. He has also been asked to name the matches he bribed referees to get the results to go the way of Amidaus Professionals. The controversial administrator, who claims Ghana football is on the bad track because Kwesi Nyantakyi is in charge, has been asked to name and shame the referees he has conspired with to determine the outcome of matches if he is sincere about rooting out evils of the game. Paying of bribes to referees has been identified as the key bane of Ghana football. The Ethics Committee of the GFA will be alerted by his open claims as they are moves to restore the image of the game in the country. The committee would be seen to be proactive and up to the task if Gedo is invited over his own claims as well as being queried over which match officials he has bribed. Gado, who claims Nyantakyi is responsible for the supposed demise of Ghana football, has exposed himself as one of the arch destroyers of the game by bribing referees. He is embarking on a mission to get Nyantakyi out of office yet he has blood on his hands.
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