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Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of the Interior is mandated to ensure internal security, as well as the maintenance of law and order in the country.

In collaboration with its Agencies, this task has been undertaken by providing an appreciable level of security over the past years. The successes achieved in the socio-economic sphere of the nation and the realization of Government’s plans and programmes under the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) as well as the various Presidential Special Initiatives (PSIs) was largely achieved because the country had experienced a relatively safe and secure environment.


Our vision is to transform the Ministry into an effective and efficient institution, which can be relied upon to provide a safe and secure socio-economic and political environment, which will be conducive to carrying out vibrant socio-economic activities, as well as promoting local and foreign investment.


The Ministry of the Interior exists to ensure the maintenance of internal security for all persons in Ghana, in order to promote peaceful development.  We do this by reviewing, formulating, supervising and evaluating policies relating to the protection of life and property; preventing and mitigating effects of disasters; immigration control; preventing and detecting crime; ensuring safe custody and facilitating the reformation and rehabilitation of offenders and by reaching out to the general public by employing and establishing good public relations with them. We believe in integrity, transparency and efficiency by employing and retaining well trained and disciplined personnel.


Our objectives are to:

  •     Ensure adequate protection of life and property.
  •     Ensure effective and efficient crime prevention and detection.
  •     Strengthen disaster prevention, management and social mobilisation.
  •     Regulate and monitor the entry, stay and exit of nationals of all countries.
  •     Develop a highly efficient and humane custodial and reformatory system.
  •     Improve institutional capacity.
  •     Improve the public relations system.


The Public Relations Officer


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Ministries, Accra




Telephone: +233-302-684405

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