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Great Consolidated Popular Party

In the 7 December 2004 elections, the party was part of the Grand Coalition that won 4 out of 230 seats. Edward Mahama, candidate of the Grand Coalition won 1.9% of the vote in the presidential elections.

The party's founder and first leader, Daniel Augustus Lartey died on 28 December 2009 at the age of 83 years. His eldest son, Henry Herbert Lartey, succeeded him.

National Chairman Mr E. B. Mensah
First National Vice Chairman Mr John Thompson
Second Vice Chairman Mr Gilbert Barnor
Third Vice Chairman  
National Treasurer  
National Organiser Abu Forgor
General Secretary Mr John Amekah
National Women's Organiser Miss Victoria Phillips Ghann
National Youth Organizer  
Address B676, Kaneshie First Light, P.O. Box 3077, Accra
Tel. +233 302 229721/311498
Web Site
Manifesto Read the GCPP ideology here
Presidential Candidate (2012) Dr Herbert Henry Lartey
Vice Presidential Candidate (2012)  


 Source: Wikipedia & GhanaWeb archives