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Opinions of Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Columnist: Sam Pee Yalley

Short tribute in memory of the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills

BY Sam Pee Yalley

Adieus, Egya Kofi Atta Mbir,

Adieus, great leader of men and faithful servant of God.

Adieus, you, who the fortresses of poverty of Tarkwa Abontiako; and the economic and social deprivations of Hunu Valley, could not prevent your golden character and steely intelligence to be milled and molded into a man of valor and use to mankind.

Adieus, the wonder son of Master Mills, who the people of Kissi, Ampenyi, and Atabazi will never forget. How will they forget a boy who played football than any other boy; respectful and humble than all, and above all religious and God loving? How will they forget that you were the best in all subjects and even as a pupil taught your peers and seniors alike in school and in Sunday Schools? From nowhere, you took Achimota School by storm and showed to all that the organ of education can be played melodically by children from both rich and poor backgrounds together. Even your adversaries cannot fault your good works, sportsmanship and intellect as a student.

Adieus, you, who, from nowhere attracted love and attention from everywhere and wherever you lived and worked.

As a prophetic Professor, you made an enduring prophecy that Ghana will not burn, but Ghana will live to the full glory of God. We believe absolutely in this prophecy and know that all who pray for Ghana to burn will be put to eternal shame and condemnation.

As John the Baptist, you enjoined and baptized all Ghanaians with love for one another and to be each other’s keeper. You joined and held us together with your genuine and stable qualities of peace, humility, honesty and transparency. With your great sense of humour and fortitude you endured political persecution and humiliation for the peace of Ghana.

You fought the fight and won the race of life with the peace of God that passes all understanding.

As an Evans, you evangelized to the glory of God. You manifested the will of God in your life without shame and reservation. You were accused of turning your office into a church, but you owed nobody an apology; and boldly proclaimed that “God was the President of this country”.

Egya Atta, you attacked decisions of judges, but not with impunity and contempt. In humility you wrote to challenge the legal rational behind their decisions. In so doing you helped to reform and rebuild the laws of Ghana.

You attacked your own limitations and challenged yourself to believe that with Christ in your vessel you smiled at all storms.

Prof Mills, you milled and molded many a Ghanaian student into tax experts and even as lawyers-strongest in our times.

Never mind those who so soon forgot the sounds of your teachings mills and paid you back with insults and castigations, all in the name of politics. Even in your persecution, you rose to defend your friends and adversaries alike.

They say, time heals wounds and fades the memories of grief; but Prof, the pain of knowing that you have been gone for a year, is so severe and heart breaking. Many Ghanaians miss you twenty four hours a day, seven times a week and twelve months a year.

But Alas! One of your greatest disciples has assured all grieving hearts that you watch and protect us twenty four hours (24hrs) a day, seven (7) days in a week and twelve (12) months a year.

Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, Rest in Peace

Father of All Rest in Perfect Peace

King of Peace Rest in Peace

Egya Kofi Atta Mbir, Ebusia se Da yie,

Ayankofo se Da yie,

Oman Ghana se Da yie;

Dofo fona fo-wadwuman na wofona abo adze,-Da Yie