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Opinions of Saturday, 28 August 2010

Columnist: The Royal Enoch

The Woes Of A Lesbian Ghanaian Woman

The story that you are about to read isn’t fictitious. I first heard it on Ghana-waves radio and decided to squeeze an article out of it. Though, true as it may, I had a very hard time believing the story upon hearing it. I couldn’t, for the life in me, understand why certain people could be so inconsiderate. We all know, of course, how complicated relationships could be. Then again, we humans beings are complicated creatures, wouldn’t you say? We definitely have our ways if you ask me. Anyway, back to the story before I forget. Well, according to the story, Ofori, who lives in Germany, met his ex wife, Becky, at a friend’s party. The friend, in question, was Becky’s senior brother, Asare. Actually, it was Asare, who brought Becky to Germany in the early nineties.The story has it that Becky, for some unknown reason, displayed a disinterest in Ghanaian men. Mind you, this was before she met Ofori. As a result, most of the Ghanaian men, who were interested in her, gave up on her.

Undoubtedly, they (the Ghanaian men) believed that she was destined for a White-man. However, not once was she seen with a White-man. As the story goes, Becky associated herself with White women, especially the masculine kind. Of course, the Ghanaian community in Dusseldorf, Germany began to whisper. Becky’s sexual preference was brought in dispute. She was called a lesbian behind her back. Asare was told by a friend what others were saying about his sister. So, in an effort to find the truth, Asare confronted his little sister. According to the friend, Becky didn’t tell her senior brother the truth. “As a matter of fact, she denied everything,” said the friend on the radio. “Becky told her brother that they (the Ghanaian men) were calling her a lesbian because she refuses to date them.” “Becky’s brother, in his naivete, believed her.” “I guess for him, the lesbian accusation, from then on, became nothing but a rumor.” “So, it, more or less, died right there and then.”

“The Ghanaian community, on the other hand, continued talking until her marriage to Ofori. Which, by the way, took us all by surprise.” “You see, nobody expected it from her.” The marriage between Ofori and Becky started off rosy. At least, so it appeared to the outside world. The newly wed couple attended church on a regular basis. Becky traded her old female friends for motherhood. In comparison to the past, Becky seemed reborn. However, little did her husband know that his wife was leading a double life. One day, Ofori returned early from work to find his wife in the arms of another woman. Both of them were working it. Their two young daughters were still at school. For Ofori, this meant the end of his ten-year marriage to Becky. He filed for divorce right after the incident. Right now, he and Becky are entangled in a bitter custody over their two daughters. Becky and her White girlfriend want full custody over the children. Ofori, on the other hand, wants to prevent it from happening. He believes that two lesbians aren’t fit to raise children, let alone his own.

So, dear reader, after reading this story--my question to you is; should the two lesbians be given full custody over the two daughters, or should Ofori fight them till the end? Better yet, what situation should be deemed most appropriate for these two children? As of the moment, the girls are living with their lesbian mother, Becky.




The Royal Enoch