General News of Friday, 18 May 2007

Source: Ghanaian Voice

Lesbian In Ghana To Lobby

The director of the coalition of African lesbians is in the country to attend series of conferences and workshops aimed at gaining recognition and acceptance by the African society. In an interview with the Ghanaian Voice, Miss. Filike Vilakazi from South Africa stated that though her organization is based in South African, other affiliates on the continent include: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria.

She however refused to disclose the Ghanaian group's name for security reasons. She only mentioned the Ghana gay and lesbian association. She added that lesbians are interested in gender issues because they suffer a lot of discrimination and in some cases death. She said that though a law has been passed in South Africa that gives gay and lesbians some equal rights, still people stigmatize them.

She however intimated that given the hostilities that befall them in Africa, she would wish to live a normal life, and marry a man and produce babies. She lamented that she cannot help being attracted to people of the same sex instead of men.Fikile added that she only finds emotional fulfillment and sexual pleasure with her fellow females. She was of the view that gay and lesbianism are inborn traits that people have to live with and as such it would be fair that they are accepted and accorded the respect due any human.

Miss. Fikile Vilakazi has been happily married to her female “husband” for the past five years. With regards to support, she revealed that the coalition of Africa lesbians receive financial assistances from some foreign agencies.