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Opinions of Sunday, 2 August 2020

Columnist: K Kakraba Pratt

Will Flt Lt. Rawlings pick up the gauntlet of truth placed before him?

Former President Jerry John Rawlings Former President Jerry John Rawlings

Folks! Not too long ago, the leader of two illegal military adventures into the foray of Ghanaian politics, Flt Lt. Jeremiah John "Rawlings", the self appointed Apostle of "Truth, Probity and Public Accountability", in his usual desire to portray himself as a victim of hatred, false allegations and maligning by some people hiding behind the print and electronic media, gave an interview to the newly outdoored Asaase radio, rumoured to be owned by the president's daughter and his nephew.

In this interview, Mr. Rawlings made a categorical sweeping allegations against his former friend, a fine gentleman, a cadre of Rawlings's 31st December Revolution, who, himself became a casualty of his faith and trust in Rawlings, landing him in exile for several years, Comrade Kwasi Adu of the June 4 Movement .

The allegation was that, in an attempt to soil the currently "non existent" reputation and intergrity of Mr Rawlings, he Kwasi Adu maliciously published in a newspaper or magazine that sometime during the PNDC regime, chairman Rawlings mixed cement powder, threw it down the throat of a fellow human Ghanaian and poured water after it.

Mr Rawlings claims that he was so incenced that he even considered taking that publication to parliament. This claim must only mean one thing. That is the publication exist and that he Rawlings has a copy of it at hand and ready. Why Rawlings felt compelled to take a seemingly libelous publication to parliament when neither he, nor Comrade Kwasi Adu are members of Parliament for which reason he considers the parliamentary previlieges Committee the appropreite avenue for redress in what would have been a purely private trade of accusations between "friends" clearly shows Rawlings's lack of appreciation and understandings of the laws of Ghana and principles of the rule of law.

Kwasi Adu after hearing Rawlings's interview did what any normal decent self respecting man will do, when you know that you have not authored any such story. He called his old friend a liar and asked him to produce the newspaper or magazine with the said publication. Folks note that this is the first time that a "frog from the bottom of the river" has boldly, formally and publicly called the "apostle of "truth" a liar and given him the opportunity to redeem himself. Why has Rawlings refused to do so? Let me help you.

For those who believe that Rawlings is probably suffering from old age or early onset of althzeimers so might have gennuinely made a mistake or just a case of faulty recollection, i say hold on. I

f that were the case, he would sincerely have apologised when his memory was jolted and not attempt to parry the simple request to produce the publication by going into more irrelevant approbium, asking Kwasi Adu to open his mind, join him in the religious mecca of tracing who killed the Ya Na and elders during the first Kuffour administration, as well as that of the 34 women before the 2000 elections, because Mr Rawlings has variously said in other "boomed" interviews, that he knew both the identity of the Ya Na killers and that of the serial murderer who killed innocent Ghanaian women. But if he did, why has he, like the good citizen that he claims he is, not provided any information or intelligence in cooperation with the legitimate body of criminal investigations in Ghana, the police, leading to the arrest and prosecution of the culprits.

Does he need the joining of Kwasi Adu to do so? The answer is an emphatic NO. Mr Rawlings is being delibrately miscievious. He is indeed aware of the PNDC secretary who served under him as chairman with full responsibility, who indeed mixed powdered cement, threw it into the throat of another Ghanaian and added water.

Though I know the identity of this PNDC secretary, who served Rawlings well, i will leave his identity, context and circumstances for another occasion. Now what is Mr Rawlings's game?

Rawlings is lagging behind writing political and historical memoires. He relishes that. He believes he cannot be a befitting statesman without publishing his. He has recently giving his intention to do so. But Rawlings knows that his memmoirs are going to be filled with lairs and half truths.

He knows that once the publication come out, people who really know him like "this PNDC secretary, from AFRC to PNDC and still alive are poised to tear him apart with the truth. Because that PNDC secretary has recently been making a lot of noise in the news and in public. (No not that white haired man just about to launch his book) So in his usual Shogun style, has mixed and resurrected this story, retold it in his usual lairs as a warning to this PNDC secretary and others like him to say "just shut up" because if you dare challenge me when my book comes out, I will make more revelations about what you all did to cause public (and in some cases) criminal wahala for you.

It is nothing other than a classic, strategic, scheming vintage Rawlings. That is why he has tried to cleverly dance around Kwasi Adu's challenge in the ring, like Mohamed Ali in Kinshasa, and lying on the rope in a confused "rope adope" simulation in his attempt to dodge the stinging hefty blows of comrade "George Foreman" Kwasi Adu.

But let me remind Mr Togbui Rawlings that there are more people with no skeletons in their cupboard who know a lot about his personal roles in murders and other criminalities against the rights of the Ghanaian, when he was head of State and waiting for his book patiently.

For instance, we will want him to answer why in the middle of the night, he ordered that the King of Aburi, Nana Osae Ntsiful Ababio, known in private life as Mr BB Bismark, former team manager and coach of the national team, the Black stars, should be tied with sacks filled with cement blocks to weigh him down, put in a helicopter, and flown into the middle of ocean to be dropped to drown alive?

The people of Aburi are waiting for the body of their King to give him a befitting burial as a royal and a human being who deserved not what the Rawlings PNDC metted out to him. The people of Ghana also deserve to be told which crimes were committed by the King and patriotic Ghanaian and while at it, he should produce documents relating the court that tried him, found him guilty and sentenced him to die in this horrible manner, not even fit for criminal coup plotters. And Mr. Rawlings, can you tell us what you did when your daughter, Ezanator's boyfriend was abducted and illegally imprisoned at the Osu Castle, the seat of government and given an "identification hair cut" with broken glass under the order and supervision of the first lady, your wife?

There are lots of Ghanaians still alive, who know the real you, waiting for your book with baited breadth and ready to tear it apart chapter by chapter, page by page, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence and word for word. BRING IT ON.

Rawlings is a fake pseudo revolutionary of the old Japanese Shogun type who enjoys nothing but luxury and pleasantries at the expense of the poor tax payer yet manages to convince the down trodden that thier fate and interests in Nima, Agbogbloshie and Chorkor are the same as his Underground bonkererd house in posh Adjiringano, luxurious River Side mansion in Tefle and the Rich surroundings of Ridge. He has carefully and cunningly insulated himself from any examination and test of his stewardship and accountability by smuggling the transitional provisions into the 1992 constitution at the last minute without any public discussion or scrutiny.

I ask Rawlings to put his "stolen" money where his mouth is (Abacha million etc) by leading a crusade to campaign for removal of the transitional provisions in the constitution in a public referandum so that any Ghanaian who feels wronged by any action of Rawlings can in good faith seek redress in a court. Only by doing this will the Ghanaian have any hope of fighting and removing corruption in our body politic. Because of criminals are walking free after such heinous deeds, protected by the very constitution that guarantees our rights then we will have no faith and trust in the laws of Ghana to help us seek out other less offending criminals in our midst to hold them to account.

Koshivi Agbotui "Rawlings" the gauntlet of truth has been placed before you. Pick it up, let's drink. BOTTOMS UP PLEASE!!!! CHEERS!!

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