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General News of Sunday, 24 June 2018


Politicisation is the cause of recurring floods in Ghana – George Loh

George Loh George Loh

Former Member of Parliament for the North Dayi Constituency, George Loh has attributed recurrent flood situations in Accra and parts of the country to the politicization of issues by various governments, and their failure to put measures in place to deal with the issue.

Speaking on TV3’s New Day on Saturday, the former MP noted that governments have failed to employ the right people with the required skills to properly plan and deal with flooding in the country.

“We are all sitting back and doing politics as usual; across board we are losing the fight against floods. As I speak to you, NADMO probably has employed 500 people and they cannot handle this thing because we are employing people who are not skilled in anything.

“He is the constituency youth organizer, so roll him up, so at the close of the day, we are piling up and bringing people who are not skilled to work. We need to look at these things, and attitude and history should guide us,” he added.

George Loh stated that Ghana as a country has refused to learn and take cues from past events of flooding in order to deal with the issue once and for all.

“We are not learning in getting people to work in this country, because when things like this happen, what I expect is that 1,000 people have been asked to go home for negligence of duty. We have not learnt anything in this country, and we are not prepared to learn.”

He further said the failure of various governments to sanction individuals placed in authority to deal with city planning among other things is a contributing factor towards the constant flooding situation every year.

“Every month, the minister borrows money or looks for money to pay workers who are supposed to sit down and plan, work, think and solve this problem. So if day-in-day-out these things are happening, it means that we as citizens are not serious,” George Loh noted.

According to him, authorities need to go back to the basics and ensure that proper planning is done prior to rainy seasons in order to prevent flooding in the country.

“It is mind-boggling that after all these years and after June 3, we can still get a doctor to lose her life this way.”

On his part, legal practitioner, Kwame Jantuah who was also on TV3 New Day stated that the issue of flooding must not be politicized.

“How many of the politicians have you heard speak about drainage in Accra? We should stop playing party politics. Once we finish election, let us come together and build the nation,” Kwame Jantuah said.

He also expressed disappointment over the president’s silence following the death of at least 10 persons in last week’s floods in Accra and other parts of the country.

According to him, the issue of flooding affects the ordinary Ghanaian with lives and property being lost, hence, it is important for the president to take action.

“In situations like this that affect the ordinary man, where Ghanaians are dying, I expect the president to come and speak to the nation and tell us what he is doing.”

He stated that one would have expected that by now the sector minister responsible for ensuring that floods do not occur in the country would have addressed the nation.

“If we have an earthquake today, what will happen in Ghana? If some of the earthquakes that happen in other parts of the world happen here in Ghana, what would happen? There would be devastation everywhere; people will die just like that because our people have not even been trained,” Kwame Jantuah further argued.

He called on government to desist from overspending and ensure fiscal discipline to save funds to be directed into dealing with flood situations.

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