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General News of Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Only short minded Ghanaians complaining about economy - Kusi Boafo

‘This government is performing creditably well, it is on course and it is only short minded Ghanaians who are complaining’. These are the exact words of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana’s Public Sector Reforms when reacting to a radio commentary on the rising cost of living in Ghana lately.

The once vociferous radio commentator who was known for tagging the John Mahama administration as incompetent due to what he considered to be poor handling of the economy by the erstwhile government noted in a radio interview on Kumasi-based Nhyira FM monitored by that, Ghanaians have been hungry for far too long and expect a miraculous turnaround of things but nowhere in this world do things work like that.

“The government doesn’t work like that and they are tackling issues one after the other”, he intimated

Asked by the host why he seems to be having a soft spot for the Akufo-Addo led government on economic issues, Mr Boafo explained that, the economic indicators worked in favor of the John Mahama administration but due to his gross incompetence, they failed to make things right.

‘Maybe Ghanaians don’t understand simple economics. If they do, they won’t be complaining. This government in its inception had salary arrears to clear, contractors to pay so you can’t expect a miraculous turn around’.

“Stabilizing the economy will take too long. But Ghana has improved now than it was under the John Mahama’s incompetent administration”. He added.

Many have criticized the government to up its game as times are really hard in Ghana. Outspoken academic Prof. Ransford Gyampo in a Facebook post called on the Akufo-Addo government to fix the hardships facing Ghanaians and stop the “mediocre” exercise of comparing their performance to the erstwhile John Mahama administration.

He said the government may not be fully able to appreciate the challenges Ghanaians are going through because it’s supporters are not speaking up or have become sycophantic.

His post read ‘’When people are suffering, you don’t tell them you are better managers than the NDC. Comparing your performance to a regime that suffered such a monumental defeat is a tacit admission of failure and mediocrity. Please communicate a better explanation because you are reputed to be the most competent person in pontificating about issues relating to the economy.

Kindly speak to the ordinary Ghanaian to have a clearer sense of how they feel. Last Sunday at church, an Elder who was preaching broke down and confessed as follows: ‘Enuanom, me y3 NPP ni paa, na mmom Ghana ay3 din!’ This is an importer who complained bitterly about how the exchange rate is killing business men and women. To tell me he is lying is insensitive.

Please accept that times are hard; explain succinctly, the causes to Ghanaians, and communicate the measures that have been put in place whose fruitful results may be experienced later. This is the only way we can all tighten our belts to endure these austerity times, in the hope that we shall overcome the economic turbulence.”