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General News of Monday, 11 February 2008

Source: Ghanaian Observer

NDC man to expose plot to ditch Mills

The “sponsors of wicked propaganda" in the media regarding the health condition of the Presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag bearer Professor John Evans Atta Mills will soon be exposed by a key player in the NDC youth wing.

The youth activist, Mohammed Hamza, who is also one of the 'defenders' of the NDC on radio in a voluntary interview with GO, dropped the bombshell Saturday afternoon that he is fully aware of a high profile plot against the NDC Presidential candidate by a group within the party, who are bent on using the learned Professor's health condition as a basis for removing him from the flag bearer position.

He told GO in an exclusive interview that the diabolic plot against the law professor has been hatched and is being rolled out by some key players in the party who he is ready to name without any fear, if he is pushed to the wall.

Hamza said the negative propaganda was hatched at the time of the last NDC Congress held at Legon, adding that although he has tried hard to hold his horses and refrain from fuelling the crisis in the DNC “at the appropriate time and forum” he would do so.

Hamza, who is known on radio as one of the 'defenders of the party's policies and programmes, maintained that he was being forced by the situation on the ground to unmask the people backstabbing Mills, saying "in the due course, believe me or not, it is on my neck; and I will mention the names."

According to him, after several threats on some radio stations on his part to name the key plotters behind the diabolic move to remove Prof. Mills, he has received a text message from a key executive of the NDC (name available to this paper but withheld for now) informing tm of his (that executive member's) intention to drag him to the party's National Executive Committee to answer questions the issue.

He said though no high profile member of the party had the courage to caution him against mentioning names, save for that NDC executive who sent him a text message inviting him to the National Executive Committee to answer questions.

The General Secretary, who is Asiedu Nketia, is there…the Chairman of the party, who is Kwabena Adjei, is there ... and other two deputy secretaries under Asiedu Nketia, who are Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah and Baba Jamal are there; but nobody called to caution me with the exception of that executive member who knows himself," he revealed.

Fuming, he said he told the executive member that he would never honour any invitation on the issue until the party officially and, formally invites him by sending him a letter to apear before it.

He promised making the SMS message available to GO, if the NDC executive in question denies ever sending him such an SMS message.

According to the fiery youth activist, what is going on in the NDC should not be apportioned to any other person than key members of the NDC itself.

It will be recalled that Prof. Mills, was recently compelled to react swiftly to a wicked and life-endangering rumour posted on Ghanaweb, whose ownership GO is investigating.

Speaking to Accra-based JOY FM's Evans Mensah, Prof. Mills said in reaction to news of his purported death, "I am very much alive. I must be disappointing a lot of people, especially those who wish me dead. I am not speaking to you from any cemetery, I am speaking to you from my hotel room, surrounded by friends and relations, chatting and doing all kinds of things."

The so-called news report that purported to announce the death of Prof. Mills was posted on the 'Say It Loud' link of the news portal by a faceless character by name Yaw Ampiaw under the headline 'Prof Is Died'.

As is usual of the bad English that litters this Internet site frequented by political hawks from Ghana who use the opportunity of the anonymity provided by the Internet to insult and spread vile rumours about others the report said among others that the learned Prof had died as a result of surgery.

Below is the message purported to sound the alarm bell on Mill's demise as it appeared on Ghanaweb.

"Author: Yaw Ampiaw ( Date: 02-01-2008 II :28 Reports being circulated amongst the NDC national executives indicate that Professor Atta Mills has died.

His death occurred just over 3 hours ago at the Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein in Free State, South Africa."

Details were sketchy, according to the story, "but the immediate cause of death appears to be from internal hemorrhaging due to a negative reaction to medication administered to him to prevent blood clotting after having successfully undergone surgery early this morning to insert a stent in his coronary artery."

Sources close to the NDC national executives say that this news is what may have precipitated the statement by NDC Member of Parliament for Manya Krobo, Michael Nyaunu.

In Accra, news about Prof. Mills's purported death had spread like wildfire from the day the story appeared on the website.

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