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General News of Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Mahama girl slaps Rawlings like mosquito

Former President Jerry John Rawlings’ continuous reprimand of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over corruption has received a cheeky response from former Deputy Chief of Staff, Valerie Sawyerr.

Ms Sawyerr, who was Senior Policy Adviser and Head of the Presidential Delivery Unit under the previous Mahama administration, appears to insist that Mr. Rawlings, who is the founder of the NDC, cannot claim to be upright when it comes to corruption and should spare the public his corruption ‘sermons.’

Galamsey Fight

She said it would help the cause of the country if the former president directed his actions towards the ongoing fight against illegal mining aka galamsey or lead a crusade against the recent invasion of the fall army worms and leave the NDC to live its opposition life.

“The ‘galamsey’ problem is still in existence, despite the fact that the government is trying to pretend that it has gone away. I am sure you are needed in places like Denkyira-Obuasi to help clamp down on the menace. This will help your twin brother, President Akufo-Addo, to fulfill his anti-galamsey promise. Even though he did promise the galamseyers before the 2016 elections that he would leave them to ply their trade. Hmmm …confusion here, there and everywhere!”

Open Letter

In what looks like an open letter to the former president for continuously tagging the NDC as corrupt, Ms Sawyerr appeared to suggest that Mr. Rawlings was still attacking the NDC even in opposition and leaving the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration unchecked.

She said, “They say he booms … I say he buzzes … like an agitated mosquito … looking for his next victim. Again, he heads for other Heads of State … describing their governance as riddled with corruption. Is he trying to say that his reign was unblemished or that his twin brother’s (President Akufo-Addo’s) reign is unsullied? Really? Who born dog … in fact … who born monkey?”

Successful Agenda

“JJ oooo JJ … the great Papa JJ … the one and only Junior Jesus … the great saint who never does wrong … you are still flogging a dead horse … the NDC is in opposition, in case you have not noticed, while a living raging bull is moving around with reckless abandon, destroying everything it finds in its path, including the assets and citizens of this nation.

“Who has said you don’t like the NDC? Are you setting your own questions and answering them please? Nobody has said you do not like the NDC. Stop putting words in our mouths. Indeed, some think you crave for the NDC so much that you are prepared to destroy anyone and anything in the NDC, if that will suit your agenda to always be in control of the NDC.”

Throwing Challenge

She appeared to chastise the NDC for not standing up to the former president and saying it as it is to him.

“NDC, where are our men and women? NDC where are our leaders? I challenge you to rise and speak the truth unblemished and fearlessly! The truth can be told by all – no man or woman is the sole repository of truth.” she charged.

She also accused Mr Rawlings of falling out with almost all those who had helped him to rule Ghana for 19 years.

“Is it true that you fell out with a majority of those who worked diligently for you at different stages of your journey … the Ahwois, the Tsikatas, the Peprahs, the Abodakpis, the PV Obengs (blessed memory), the Sherry Ayiteys, the Kwesi Botchweys, the Martha Tamakloes, the Sipa Yankeys, the Ibrahim Adams, the Mould Iddrisus, the Herbert Mensahs and a whole host of others?”

Amidu Factor

In the course of her vituperations, Ms. Sawyerr, whose father served Rawlings as Education Minister, introduced the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin A.B.K Amidu, in her attacks, describing him as pompous with over-bloated ego.

She made an astonishing claim that the former Attorney General at one point attempted to assault then President John Evans Atta Mills.

She claimed that barely a week after the incident in 2012, Mr. Amidu was relieved of his position as Attorney General by the president.

“… and what is Comrade Martin Amidu also babbling about? Martin, did I not tell you that your pomposity, over-bloated ego and sense of self-importance constitute your Achilles heel?” she queried.

“Remember, when I told you (years ago) after a presidential press conference, that a directive had been issued that no appointee should grant a press interview in order to avoid any contradictory statements on air … and you screeched … ‘who are you … small girl like you … where were you when I was Attorney General’ etc. etc? Remember I told you that it is your Achilles Heel that would destroy you?”

Physical Assault

She continued that “Barely a week or so after that, you were relieved of your post as Attorney General after attempting to assault a sitting Head of State?

“Since then you have become a so-called crusader, sinking lower and lower in the NDC as you seem to rise higher and higher in the NPP. I am not a soothsayer, neither am I a harbinger of gloom and doom … but once again I say to you … this time with a nation full of witnesses … that your Achilles Heel will destroy you!”


Ms. Sawyerr challenged the former AG to resign from the NDC since she said Mr Amidu was no longer working in the interest of the opposition party.

“Respectfully Martin cut the crap! You have achieved your aim … the NDC is in opposition. I challenge you to resign from the NDC since you no longer promote the cause of the NDC. Or do you also subscribe to the agenda to destroy to take over? The agenda that is based on the premise that it is easier to take over the NDC when it is in opposition!”

Surrogate Groups

“I am waiting for the surrogate groups that will spring up suddenly like jacks in the box (I understand the plural is either ‘jack in the boxes’ or ‘jacks in the box’) to lambast me and everyone or everything that is connected with me … the modus operandus is always the same …

“I am waiting for the NDC men and women who will suddenly find their voices and go on air and call me unprintable names … the modus operandus is always the same …

“I am waiting for the NDC leadership who will summon me because all of a sudden, they have found their disciplinary tongues, having been whipped in line by bullies who seek to terrorise those around them … the modus operandus is always the same …”