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General News of Monday, 29 June 2020


How I ended up in the ghetto - 32-year-old drug addict

The woman during an interview with SVTV Africa play videoThe woman during an interview with SVTV Africa

A mother of three on SVTV Africa narrated how she started drugs and how she ended up as a messenger in the ghetto.

According to her, she is the third amongst 6 siblings. Junior High School was her highest level of education.

She said: "I played Meridian ladies for many years but later some difficulties had to make me stop my football carrier. I ventured into head dressing right after I stopped playing, but unluckily, I got pregnant so I had to stop.

"The father of my first child, wouldn’t listen to my advice; he was arrested, and shortly after his release, he died. At the moment, I have three kids, the first one is 14 years old; all with different fathers but I’m still unmarried.

"Most of my life now is lived in the ghetto; and because I don’t want to go hungry, I am always there as a messenger, at least I will get a penny to feed my kids.

"My ghetto life started after I met my last boyfriend. Before I met him, I was into marijuana but he later influenced me into other drugs.

"Now I don’t smoke there alone, I am a messenger too. Now I find it so hard to stop, a day without it makes me so uncomfortable. Even though, sometimes I won’t take and still be cool, more often than not, I have to take them to feel okay."

She, however, revealed, she is willing to stop but don’t know how to do it. As it has always been, she advised friends, family, and the general public to stay away from drugs completely.

Watch the interview below: