District Assemblies

Below is a list of all the districts in Ghana arranged by alphabetical order. Click on the web address on the left to visit the corresponding website of the district assembly. For further information on each district, click on its name to be taken to its profile.

Districts in Ghana are second-level administrative subdivisions of Ghana, below the level of region.

The local government system consists of a Regional Co-ordinating Council, a four-tier Metropolitan and a three-tier Municipal/District Assemblies Structure. The District Assemblies are either Metropolitan (population over 250,000), Municipal (population over 95,000) or District (population 75,000 and over).


A Metropolitan/Municipal/District Assembly is:

  • Created as the pivot of administrative and developmental decision-making in the district and the basic unit of government administration.
  • Assigned with deliberative, legislative as well as executive functions.
  • Established as a monolithic structure to which is assigned the responsibility of the totality of government to bring about integration of political, administrative and development support needed to achieve a more equitable allocation of power, wealth, and geographically dispersed development in Ghana.
  • Constituted as the Planning Authority for the District.


These are the Urban/Town/Zonal/Area Councils and the Unit Committees. In the performance of its function the District Assembly works through the Executive Committee. This includes the Social Services Sub-Committee, Works Sub-Committee, Finance Administration and Development Planning Sub-Committee among others.

The Executive Committee is presided over by the District Chief Executive and consists of not more than one-third of the total members of the Assembly excluding the Presiding member.

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- Akuapim South (New) Eastern
aakda.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Abura/Asebu/Kwamankese Central
ama.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Accra Metropolitan Greater Accra
- Ada West (New) Greater Accra
- Adaklu (New) Volta
adansinorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Adansi North Ashanti
adansisouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Adansi South Ashanti
adentan.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Adentan municipal Greater Accra
- Afadjato (New) Volta
afigyakwabre.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Afigya-Kwabre Ashanti
- Afram Plains South (New) Eastern
agonaeast.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Agona East Central
agonawest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Agona West Municipal Central
adakluanyigbe.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Agotime Ziope Volta
ahafoanonorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ahafo Ano North Ashanti
ahafoanosouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ahafo Ano South Ashanti
ahantawest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ahanta West Western
aeeda.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ajumako/Enyan/Essiam Central
- Akatsi North (New) Volta
akatsi.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Akatsi South Volta
akuapemnorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Akuapim North Eastern
akyemansa.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Akyemansa Eastern
amansiecentral.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Amansie Central Ashanti
amansiewest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Amansie West Ashanti
aowinsuaman.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Aowin Western
asanteakimnorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Asante Akim Central Municipal Ashanti
- Asante Akim North (New) Ashanti
asanteakimsouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Asante Akim South Ashanti
ashaiman.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ashaiman Municipal Greater Accra
aobda.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Asikuma/Odoben/Brakwa Central
- Asokore Mampong Municipal (New) Ashanti
assinnorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Assin North Municipal Central
assinsouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Assin South Central
asunafonorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Asunafo North Municipal Brong Ahafo
asunafosouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Asunafo South Brong Ahafo
asuogyaman.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Asuogyaman Eastern
asutifi.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Asutifi Brong Ahafo
- Asutifi South (New) Brong Ahafo
atebubuamantin.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Atebubu-Amantin Municipal Brong Ahafo
atiwa.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Atiwa Eastern
atwimakwanwoma.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Atwima Kwanwoma Ashanti
atwimamponua.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Atwima Mponua Ashanti
atwimanwabiagya.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Atwima Nwabiagya Ashanti
awutusenya.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Awutu-Senya Central
- Awutu-Senya-East (New) Central
- Ayensuano (New) Eastern
- Banda (New) Brong Ahafo
bawkumunicipal.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bawku Municipal Upper East
bawkuwest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bawku West Upper East
- Bekwai Municipal Ashanti
berekum.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Berekum Municipal Brong Ahafo
bia.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bia Western
- Bia East (New) Western
biakoye.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Biakoye Volta
bab.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bibiani/Anhwiaso/Bekwai Western
- Binduri (New) Upper East
birimcentral.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Birim Central Municipal Eastern
birimnorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Birim North Eastern
birimsouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Birim South Eastern
- Bodi (New) Western
bole.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bole Northern
bolga.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bolgatanga Municipal Upper East
bongo.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bongo Upper East
bosomefreho.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bosome Freho Ashanti
bosomtwe.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bosomtwe Ashanti
builsa.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Builsa Upper East
- Builsa South (New) Upper East
bunkpurugu.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo Northern
capecoast.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Cape Coast Metropolitan Central
centralgonja.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Central Gonja Northern
northtongu.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Central Tongu Volta
chereponi.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Chereponi Northern
- Daffiama Bussie Issa (New) Upper West
dangmeeast.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Dangme East Greater Accra
dangmewest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Dangme West Greater Accra
- Denkyembour (New) Eastern
dormaaeast.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Dormaa East Brong Ahafo
dormaa.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Dormaa Municipal Brong Ahafo
- Dormaa West (New) Brong Ahafo
eastakim.ghanadistricts.gov.gh East Akim Municipal Eastern
eastgonja.ghanadistricts.gov.gh East Gonja Northern
eastmamprusi.ghanadistricts.gov.gh East Mamprusi Northern
effutu.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Effutu Municipal Central
ejisujuaben.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Ashanti
ejurasekyedumase.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ejura/Sekyedumase Ashanti
- Ekumfi (New) Central
ellembele.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ellembele Western
fanteakwa.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Fanteakwa Eastern
- Ga Central (New) Greater Accra
gaeast.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ga East Municipal Greater Accra
weija.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ga South Municipal Greater Accra
gawest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ga West Municipal Greater Accra
garutempane.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Garu-Tempane Upper East
gomoaeast.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Gomoa East Central
gomoawest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Gomoa West Central
gushegu.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Gushiegu Northern
ho.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ho Municipal Volta
howest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ho West (New) Volta
hohoe.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Hohoe Municipal Volta
jamannorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Jaman North Brong Ahafo
jamansouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Jaman South Brong Ahafo
jasikan.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Jasikan Volta
jirapa.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Jirapa Upper West
jomoro.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Jomoro Western
juaboso.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Juaboso Western
kadjebi.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kadjebi Volta
karaga.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Karaga Northern
kassenanankana.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kassena Nankana East Upper East
kassenanankanawest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kassena Nankana West Upper East
keta.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Keta Municipal Volta
ketusouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ketu South Municipal Volta
ketunorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ketu North Volta
kintamponorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kintampo North Municipal Brong Ahafo
kintamposouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kintampo South Brong Ahafo
keea.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Komenda/Edina/Eguafo/Abirem Municipal Central
kpandai.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kpandai Northern
kpando.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kpando Municipal Volta
- Kpone Katamanso (New) Greater Accra
krachieast.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Krachi East Volta
- Krachi Nchumuru ( New ) Volta
krachiwest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Krachi West Volta
kma.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kumasi Metropolitan Ashanti
sekyereaframplains.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kumawu Ashanti
- Kumbungu (New) Northern
kwabre.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kwabre East Ashanti
kwaebibirem.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kwaebibirem Eastern
kwahueast.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kwahu East Eastern
kwahunorth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kwahu North Eastern
kwahusouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kwahu South Eastern
kwahuwest.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Kwahu West Municipal Eastern
- La Dade-Kotopon Municipal (New) Greater Accra
- La-Nkwantanang-Madina (New) Greater Accra
lambussiekani.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Lambussie Karni new Upper West
lawra.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Lawra Upper West
ledzokukukrowor.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Greater Accra
lowermanya.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Lower Manya Easter Region