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Internal Travel

Most primary roads are generally paved and well maintained; however, roads outside the major cities are in poor condition. The road from Accra to the central region tourist area of Cape Coast continues to be the site of many accidents. Travel at dark, particularly outside the major cities, is extremely hazardous, due to poor street lighting and the unpredictable behavior of pedestrians, bicyclists, and farm animals such as goats and pigs. The safety standards of the small private buses that transit roads and highways are uncertain. Travelers are encouraged to consider this when making travel arrangements.

Travelers are routinely stopped at police checkpoints throughout Ghana. Automobiles and passengers may be searched. Drivers must possess an international drivers license. Foreign nationals are expected to carry documentation of their status, such as a passport and visa.

  • Safety of Public Transportation: Fair
  • Urban Road Conditions/Maintenance: Good
  • Rural Road Conditions/Maintenance: Poor
  • Availability of Roadside Assistance: Poor
  • Distances by Road


Buses are unreliable and inconvenient. Car rentals are available. Taxi fares should be determined prior to departure.

Schedules and fares for road travel by the State Transport Company's air- conditioned fleet of coaches between the 10 regional capitals of Ghana

Gorvernment run STC busese are among the best in West africa & have 2 classes: express (air-conditioned) & ordinary. Book the fromer well in advance. Tro-tro & bust taxis are shared


Inter-city Travel:
Flight schedules and fares for the 4 airlines that operate inter-city flights in Ghana · Muk Air · Fun Air · Air Link · Golden Airways; Airlink Ghana Airforce has domestic flights from Accra to Kumasi and Tamale

NOTE: Service provided by a number of regional air carriers, including Ghana Airways, is reported to be unreliable. The airlines are known to alter scheduled stops, cancel or postpone flights on short notice, and regularly overbook flights. Travelers may experience unexpected delays even after checking in and should be prepared to handle alternate ticketing and/or increased food and lodging expenses.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has assessed this country's civil aviation authority and determined that it licenses and oversees air carriers in accordance with aviation safety standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization.


Train schedules and fares for Ghana Railways' inter-city rail travel between all the 10 regional capitals of Ghana.

It is possible to travel by train from Accra to Kumasi and Kumasi to Accra.

The train travel from Takoradi to Kumasi has very much improved. It is possible that somebody might want to visit Tadi. from Kumasi. The train does go from Takoradi to Kumasi and from Kumas to Accra. It does provide a nice opportunity for people to see some of the country side.

Prices: The sleeper train from Kumasi to the coastal town of Takoradi (50,000 cedis/$7) - August 2002


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