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Locals and tourists flock to Labadi Beach in Accra at the weekend from morning until late into the night. The city beach is lined with bars and beach umbrellas where you can enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juices, fried yam and 'chofi' and grilled fish. The main entrance to Labadi Beach is located just off Labadi Beach Road between La Palm and Labadi Beach hotels. Most of Accra's beaches are surrounded by shanty towns rather than pleasant promenades and fancy hotels - Labadi Beach is the only exception to this.

At night, both on the weekend and during the week, there is live music and reggae nights. At the weekend the beach often gets busier at night and as people leave the beach as the sun goes down, others have dressed up and are heading to the beach to sit at its bars, meet with friends and enjoy whatever entertainment is going on.

Unfortunately Labadi Beach suffers problems faced by many city beaches and is sometimes littered with rubbish, especially when the water is rough after it rains as the sea seems to churn up rubbish from the ocean floor, making swimming unpleasant.

If you want to visit a pristine, secluded white-sand beach, you are better off travelling outside of central Accra to Kokrobite or Gomoa Fetteh.

Accommodation: Labadi Beach Hotel or La Palm Hotel
Bars/entertainment: La Tawala Beach Resort (this is further down the beach from the main Labadi Beach entrance, where Ring Road Central meets Beach Road)