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CAPE COAST (Anomabo/Biriwa/Elmina)

The Accra-Cape Coast road is lined with stunning, palm-fringed scenery. As you get closer to Cape Coast, the capital of Accra's central region, the Atlantic coastline reveals itself and as you get closer to the town, there are a variety of beach-side resorts were you can stay to enjoy the waves and the white sand. Cape Coast is located 175km from Accra. Elmina is after Cape Coast and is home to Elmina Castle.


KO-SA is a cute, African-style resort consisting of traditionally build thatched huts. It is run by two Dutch couples and looks onto a beautiful white-sand beach. It isn't far from Kakum National Park, so is well placed for beach fun and rainforest exploration.

Abandze Beach Resort, located 20 mins before Cape Coast if coming from Accra, is run by a Scottish couple and is one of the newest additions to resorts on the Cape Coast road.

Anomabo Beach Resort is a sprawling paradise of palm trees, white sand and pleasant accommodation. AC and fan rooms available as well as family suits. The beachfront dining room is a highlight.

Coconut Grove Beach Resort is a plush hotel in Elmina. It is more expensive than the accommodation listed above and is part of the Coconut Grove Regency hotel group.

Biriwa Beach Hotel is a hilltop hotel just before Cape Coast. It is German-owned and has good food (including German food) and lovely pizzas.


Founded by the Portuguese in the 15th century, Cape Coast grew around Cape Coast Castle, now a World Heritage Site. It was converted to a castle by the Dutch in 1650, then expanded by the Swedes in 1652 and captured by the British in 1664. The British based their Gold Coast operations in the town until they were expelled because of severe opposition to the "window tax" in 1877. Accra became their state. Cape Coast was also where most of the slaves were held before their journey on the Middle Passage.


The crab is the town's mascot and a statue of one lies in the city centre. Fort William, built in 1820, was an active lighthouse from 1835 to the 1970s, while Fort Victoria was built in 1702. Other attractions include a series of Asafo Shrines, Cape Coast Centre for National Culture, the Oguaa Fetu Afahye harvest festival, and since 1992, the biennial Panafest theatre festival. The city is located 30km south of Kakum National Park, one of the most diverse and best preserved national parks in West Africa. Cape Coast also boast of being the first location where soccer was played in Ghana and Ebusua Dwarfs FC is the darling club of Cape Coasters.

It is believed that Michelle Obama, U.S. First Lady, considers Cape Coast as her ancestral home, and on 11 July 2009, she took the rest of the first family to tour Cape Coast Castle as part of her husband's trip to Ghana.

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