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Politics of Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Source: Antwi Boasiako John

The current NDC is a serious 'abomination' - Kusi Boafo

File photo: NDC supporters at a rally File photo: NDC supporters at a rally

The Chief Executive Officer of Public Sector reforms, Mr. Thomas Kusi Boafo has described the current crop of politicians in the National Democratic Congress as a serious abomination which should not be entertained by Ghanaians.

"The NDC have had their fare share of governance and I believe they are finished now, in terms of idea unless they introduce a new crop of politicians, but the current NDC is a serious abomination,” he stressed.

Mr Boafo explained that Ghanaians could not reap the full benefits of the oil discovery and many other policies because Ghanaians made a terrible mistake bringing the party into power some eight years ago.

"Free education, you could have gotten it 8 years back but you could not benefit because you brought a party called NDC into power”, he told Ghanaians.

He was responding to the former deputy minister of Education, Alex Kyereme’s claims that the free SHS policy is just a photocopy of the progressively free education which already exists.

Mr Boafo stated that a clear thinking Ghanaian would never vote for the NDC knowing that they are against the policy which has already brought relief to many parents whose wards are going to benefit from program.

"The NDC set death traps for themselves when they challenged the feasibility of the Free SHS policy and if indeed it becomes possible as it seems now, a clear thinking discerning Ghanaian knows that a vote for the NDC would mean the destruction of the policy they never believed in, and that will condemn the NDC forever”, he noted.

According to him, all students who are going to enjoy the full benefits of the free SHS policy will become eligible voters in the 2020 elections and that will translate into massive votes for the party which introduced the program.

"The students after 3 years will realize the gains made by their parents from the policy and would want to vote for a government that could continue to sustain the policy for a long time”, he added.

Mr Boafo explained on Otec FM that the Free Senior High school program will crystalize after 20 years of its implementation and that would require that the NPP stays in power for the next 20 years.

"All beneficiaries, after passing through the system must advance to do their masters, doctorates and attain higher heights in the society, and that would be in the next 20-years”, he concluded.