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Politics of Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Mahama should be ashamed of huge loss as incumbent - Lawyer

Former President John Mahama Former President John Mahama

Private legal practitioner, Lawyer Kwame Adofo has said, former President John Mahama should be ashamed to have as a sitting president lost an election by over one million votes to his opponent, calling on him to stay away from contesting any election in the country in the future.

“I mean this guy should be ashamed of himself. A whole President sitting in power and you lost by one million votes and you are still contemplating coming back”, he mocked.

According to the known New Patriotic Party (NPP) apologist, National Democratic Congress (NDC) in opposition now is a good omen for Ghana since they did nothing to ameliorate living standards of the people while in government.

“I do not give a hoot to whatever happens in NDC so far as they remain in opposition because they are so bad for this country. I don’t give a hoot about them”, Lawyer Kwame Adofo fumed.

According to him, it is now obvious that the opposition NDC is a disintegrated party contrary to claims it is ever united following a Unity Walk the party recently held for former President John Mahama In Tamale.

“The Unity Walk held is a clear indication NDC members are not united”, Lawyer Kwame Adofo claimed on Kumasi-based Ultimate FM morning show.

“You cannot say you going for unity walk when you are united. …it is a contradiction. …it makes no sense logically”, he told host Lantam Papanko.

“The truth of the matter is that NDC is a divided party now …the gap is more than like a manhole and yet pretending that it never exists”, Lawyer Kwame Adofo maintained.

“I am telling you if an NDC man comes to tell you the answer is “A”, definitely you have to question if indeed it is because it will be definitely be “B” “, he said.

He also warned that any intent by former President John Mahama to lead this country will be result the second time disgraceful defeat of the NDC.