Diasporian News of Sunday, 13 January 2013

Source: AlWaiz, Husseini Y Baba

NDC New York Zongo Caucus Retracts Its Story

We of the NDC New York Zongo Caucus hereby retract our story entitled, “NDC Zongo Caucus Expresses Concern About New Appointments” published on Ghanaweb and Modern Ghana, on Friday, January 11th, 2012. Upon consultation and an emergency meeting with our executives and the executives of the NDC NY, we came to the realization that, the information we heard about our members expressing their dissatisfactions regarding the first appointments by H. E. the President, was based on hearsay and speculations and we regret the haste with which we published the story, without verification.

We have no doubt that, H. E. President Mahama, has been elected to be the father (for all) of the nation, and we, as his progeny in the NDC have to believe in his own sense of judgment and wisdom in appointing capable and competent Ghanaians from all shades of political ideologies to enable him unite the entire nation after the elections as he promised, which he has started doing so far. And as the leader of the country, he is at liberty to choose any qualified Ghanaian, that he feels comfortable working with.
We therefore urge the rank and file of our party, both home and abroad to disregard those concerns from (even some opponents without good intentions) people and restore confidence in the President’s decisions, which we believe is in consultation with our senior executives.
There are many senior party members who have contributed in diverse ways towards our victory, and we admit that, it is wrong on our part to start suggesting names of individuals and lobbying for them (as we forget others), that we have never even consulted to be considered for positions.
We therefore express confidence and optimism on the President’s appointees so far and the rest in waiting, and we will continue to give our moral support and prayers to him and his team for God to enable them surmount the daunting challenges ahead, in their effort to execute the Better Ghana Agenda policies in our Manifesto, and thereby pave way for us to win the next elections in the year 2016.
Regarding serious lobbying going on currently for positions, we appeal to those groups and individuals in our party to give H. E. the President and his transition team a breather, since they cannot satisfy everyone within a shortest possible time. We need to be more patient with them, as they are in the process of forming the new government. And we strongly believe that the President and our party gurus have everyone who contributed to this victory in mind, and will eventually reward their efforts.
Husseini Y. Baba AlWaiz, Publicity Secretary NDC USA Zongo Caucus & Press Secretary NDC NY