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Diasporian News of Thursday, 18 May 2006

Source: Adofo, Rockson

Paris Central Pentecost Church: The Problem with Ghanaians ....

...When Church Issues Are Raised and Discussed

"Common sense is common but uncommon to warped minds". The difficulty with understanding simple logics has always been the bane to the advancement of the African in general, and the Ghanaian in particular.

Whenever ones vision is clouded by indoctrination, hatred and lack of willingness to know and accept the truth, but stigmatised in lopsided allegiance, then one's expression of judgment on critical issues could be said to be flawed hence, ineffectual.

The trigger-happy propensity of some so-called Christians to live and reason in the first century era, though actually living in the 21st century, is very worrying indeed. In their pronouncements, they hasten to manifest religious fanaticism, fascism and wantonly invoke coercive curses and citations meant to frighten off indecisive minds. Such behaviour is to me bollocks and amounts to living outside or living at the periphery of reality and rationalism. Where do such easily-excited Christians draw the line between Christians and atheists, hedonists or pagans? Aren't they far worse than the non-Christians they endeavour to keep at arm's length, tagged as earthlings ("ewiasefo").

"It hurts to tell the truth but in the end, it brings comfort". Why on earth should some people think it is wrong to point out and discuss the deliberate eyesore acts of our "holier than thou" church administrators?

Why would one have the need to resort to the media if the avenues for conflict resolutions within the churches were truthfully functional as purported? I think it is about time Christians removed the cataracts from their eyes, see properly, think properly and behave responsibly as "true" Christians, to the glorification of God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. For to ignore the facts, does not change the facts.

It was rather a great service done to the Paris Central Pentecost Church when the existing cancerous problem was thinly highlighted in my publication of 2nd May 2006, on Ghanaweb. It was a golden opportunity handed on a silver platter to all those affected in a way, to come out to acknowledge their shortcomings before the congregation or the presbytery, refrain from them, to bring sanity to the House of God. But do people visualize, read sense into the objective of the writer without being overwhelmed with emotions to come out with biased senseless views, unfocused projections and destructive criticisms unrelated to the issue at stake?

Unfortunately, some cited instances where death had come upon others for one reason or the other, for challenging certain malpractices or doing things deemed reprehensible by the church; in demonstration of their shallowness in the knowledge of the Bible. I am not ready to take such people to mind-boggling biblical task as their level of understanding of biblical issues is quite faint, but to live them to thrive on their imbibed dismal indoctrination. However, they should read about the fate of Stephen, Paul, Peter, John the Baptist etc. With this, they will understand where I am coming from, to get them off gullibility and their deceptive beliefs.

"Pride goes before fall". Illiteracy and ignorance are the most cursed illnesses ever to conjure upon a living creature, and those suffering from them are the most miserable and pitiable ones. Instead of swallowing their pride, accept their fault and say sorry, though sorry is said not to buy you bread, they would rather resort to vain childish attempts to profess their innocence or fob off the truth. Is it hard to accept your mistakes as a true Christian, or, it is much easier to put up defence whilst believing in your heart of hearts to be wrong? No wonder, the degrading direction Ghana has been forced into by the very religious people who never lead by example. Are we just as the abhorrent Pharisees much spoken about in the bible?

The ball is now bouncing, wobbling or rolling in the court of the Presiding Elder especially, and all those interested in bringing about peaceful solution to the quagmire, the highlight on which has tantalized the members of Paris Central Pentecost Church. This is an opportunity never to miss as "opportunity knocks but once". Nobody will relish in the suffering of others except pure malevolent.

The tactical stupidity assumed by the Presiding Elder and his lots of ignoramus in their hopeless prayers of "bombing" make their lots objects of laughter. His actions are more than enough to prove how illiterate and unrepentant he is, the devil incarnate, so to speak. I will not hesitate to copy the authorities that are, these publications and the subsequent ones on in-depth knowledge about the malpractices, bullying and threatening in execution at the Paris Central Pentecost Church if they dare me to.

It is my fervent prayer that peace through our joint efforts, come to reign supreme to bring about the oneness we crave as the true sons of the Most High God. The renaissance of God's church through the requisite reformation and transformation of individual and collective characters of the congregants in line with proper Christian values is the envisaged goal.

Would the oldest Elder at the church please act his age and behave more responsibly or at worst, shut up, if he has nothing good to offer than to inflame tempers, acting like a child as he does.

The noble godly work of the writer will continue until a satisfying level of compromise is attained. Those who continue to adore positions more than the duties of their call and so will do whatever silly to remain as such; will be in for a big shock, my only promise to them. They will sooner be caught unaware. Their curses are nothing to me for in the end, good prevails over evil in a duel.

God's peace is upon His children. Amen

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