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Diasporia News of Friday, 29 August 2014

Source: Adumoa Sam

Bribery and corruption at the Ghana high commission

I wrote an article 4years ago about the discreditable behaviour of the officials at the Ghana High commission in London Highgate. In that article I complained bitterly about the visa and passport application process. Now I think things have improved a little but the workers customer relations have deteriorated to unacceptable level.

A number of my colleagues who visited the high commission recently complained acrimoniously about the disgraceful way workers at the embassy forcibly extort money from them. These workers will openly ask you to give them some money and they will provide you with an A4 sheet to put the money in it and wrap it up away from the CCTV cameras before giving it to them. They won’t accept anything less than £20 and if you fail to comply they will frustrate you and your application will not see the light of day.

I think it is about time the high commission start employing other nationals as part of their customer service team to inculcate some discipline into these unprofessional workers calling themselves diplomats. The British high commission in Ghana has got both British and Ghana nationals working for them so why can’t we do the same to ensure efficiency in the system instead of bringing some corrupt officials from Ghana and other political allies who knew nothing but bribery and corruption to come and drag the name of our dear nation in the mud.

It is about time the high commissioner sit up and put stop to this reprehensible behaviours. If these officials don’t know the importance of the high commission they have no business working there. The high commission is the gateway to our dear nation and we need respectable and honourable men and women to work there and not these blood sucking homosapiens calling themselves diplomats.

One positive thing about the high commission is that the premises is well refurbished and the environment looks like it is ready for proper business but for these unprofessional officials who have turned the High commission into a daylight robbery zone. (KAWUKUDI JUNCTION)

We are working currently working with some international bodies to expose these corrupt officials and very soon they will be exposed on the national television both in the UK and in Ghana. The earlier the high commissioner put stop to this shameful act the better. Ghana is tired of all these corrupt people.


Adumoa Sam

Midlands UK