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Telephone Codes

The international dialling code for Ghana is 233.
Accra 021
Agona Swedru 041
Akosombo 0251
Bechem 632
Bolgatanga 072
Cape Coast 042
Ho 091
Koforidua 081
Konongo 0531
Kumasi 051
Navorongo 742
Mampong/Ashanti 0561
Sekondi-Takoradi 031
Suhum 858
Sunyani 061
Swedru 041
Tema 022
Tamale 071
Yendi 744

NOTE: With the addition of new telephone lines since, all old four-digit numbers have been changed to five digits with the addition of figure "2" before the old number. E.g. old number 1234 now becomes 21234 while 4321 now becomes 24321.
Old numbers with three digits have also been changed to five with the addition of "23" preceeding the old number (old number 123 now becomes 23123). The code number, however, still remains the unchanged - 061. Together with Ghana's international code therefore, a call from say Switzerland to a subscriber in Sunyani would be something like 00233-61-24251.

Following a recent telephone network expansion activity in the Tamale metropolis, the telephone numbers there have now been modified to five digits, with the number "2" added at the beginning of every previous number. That means a number that was previously 2345 should now be 22345, for example.