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Tariffs of Ghana Telecom

Below are the Tariffs Review issued by the Ghana:

In Ghana, the telephone rate charges are according to different Telecom Operator:

1. MTN-Ghana charges locally 0.045 (on net) 0.055/SMS (off net) 0.18/MMS. Refer here for more details.

2. Vodaphone Ghana charges locally 0.05 + tax (calls) 0.140 (Fixed line to Mobile). Refer here for more details.

3. Airtel Ghana Charges 45 GHC for Prepaid Fixed Line and other various international call charges. Refer here for more details.

4. Tigo charges GHS 0.048/min (to another Tigo line) and GHS 0.098/min ( to another line) and GHS GHS 0.0008/sec (to another Tigo line) and GHS 0.0016/sec. Refer here for more details.

5. Glo Ghana charges 11 Pesewa/Min (voice call to Glo) and 11 Pesewa/Min (to other networks) 0.1833 Pesewa/Second (voice call to Glo) 0.1833 Pesewa/Second (to other networks). Refer here for more details.

In general:

1. Local Calls: C50.00 per minute

2. Trunk calls: Between C80.00 and C200.00 per minute depending on the distance.

3. Cheap rates which involve discounts ranging from 25 to 60 per cent exist between 6.00 pm and 6.00 am from Monday to Friday and also on weekends, ie from 6.00 pm on Friday to 6.00 am Monday.

4. Normal rates apply at day time from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm through Monday to Friday.

5.   International Direct Dialing (IDD) calls:
     ECOWAS countries         -    C2,000.00 per minute
     Europe & America         -    C2,600.00 per minute
     All other countries      -    C3,000.00 per minute
6.   Rentals:
     Auto Telephone           -    C2,500.00 per month
     Manual Telephone         -    C1,000.00 per month
     WILL Telephone           -    C5,000.00 per month

7.   Reconnection Fee         -    C30,000.00

NOTE: To avoid disruption in service, ensure that change of address and change of ownership are reported to Ghanan Telecom operators promptly

All IDD customers may enjoy the enhanced services, including Password, Hotline, Abbreviated Dialling, Call Transfer, Call Rest, Three-way Conference, Wake-up and Call Waiting.