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Referendum: 'Loudmouth' Abronye worsening things for Akufo-Addo

Comment: Re: NDC lacks absolute understanding.

Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
2019-11-18 11:05:49
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NDC lacks absolute understanding.

If ndc understand what you said they brought they wouldn't say "NO" to anything that come to help Ghana! listen ndc didn't bring democracy to Ghana but the international community forced P/NDC to bring democracy and it was the people who voted for democracy through a referendum! don't tell us ndc brought democracy from where? ndc that love power than anything in Ghana will bring democracy ? you sick in your head! I remember Queen Elizabeth coming down to Ghana to advise PNDC to hand over power to the people, She is the one who gave Ghana independence under her colonial rule and has a say in our governance and Ghana is a Commonwealth nation which she is the head so , so called Alhaji Alm if you don't know our history don't say nothing, some of us know the history of Gold Coast / Ghana from the 16th century and wouldn't allow latter day saints to lie about our country and destroy it ! The whole world rejoice when Ghana is in good hands, this shows how the world has an eye on Ghana! Anytime that ndc is in power the world grief, the world feel uncomfortable and they try hard to send ndc to the opposition through their IMF conditions even in Africa they don't like ndc being in power they see ndc as alien party in Ghana who shouldn't be in power ! We Ghanaians will see to it ndc never come back to power ! The MMDCE referendum is a way to give the other parties a chance to allow them also to campaign for their competent members to seek elections in the MMDCE so we could get a good alternative for Ghana since ndc is a scary alternative! they could do well in the local governance which could boost their party for Ghana to get a good alternative rather than this create loot snd share party which is a scary alternative! NANA ADDO DANKWAH AKUFO ADDO the president of the republic of Ghana I salute you SIR for this brilliant policy, Thank you Sir for thinking far, May the ALMIGHTY GOD give you more wisdom for the next generation and not the next election and may the Almighty God let ndc rot in opposition for the hate of Ghana!

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11-18 09:00
Re: NDC lacks absolute understanding.
Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
11-18 11:05