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There’s hardship in Ghana – Gabby Otchere-Darko

Comment: Ghanaians don’t think,ndc ll destroy Gh

Alhaji Yussif
2018-09-09 12:04:50
Comment to:
There’s hardship in Ghana – Gabby

Yes it’s true Gabby,we must listen to Ghanains and get of the back of the IMF,we must chant a new path and Asia is the answer to our problems and not the western world who give us with their right hand only to take it with the left hand.The government should not listen to their detractors the ndc because their prayers re that the Npp fails for them to comeback,our journalists in Ghana ve failed us,all they know is call politicians to help them make news,they don’t think,what brought Ghana to its current economic states?has IMF ever helped any country to get over its problems?didnt we know of their harsher conditionalities yet went for them?why re we blaming the Npp when we ve still not finish the contract ndc signed with them?even us government try to secure trade agreement with China,ndc has written to IMF to prevent it or add it to our debt profile so they can get something to campaign on,we re not condemning that but blaming government why?re we that stupid to read in between the lines? Ndc did Same with Ameri edging them not to renegotiate with government after it became clear that they duped this country,yet our journalists don’t care,how can you lose such money and expect develop?where ll the money come from?can you lose your saving worker and still live good?journalism has become politics,political radio stations,tv stations muddling the waters everyday.

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09-07 16:25
Ghanaians don’t think,ndc ll destroy Gh
Alhaji Yussif
09-09 12:04