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Akufo-Addo, Bawumia, Ken Ofori-Atta are competing in borrowing – Mintah Akandoh

Comment: no justice no peace

insight to the bone
2017-07-18 02:50:29
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Akufo-Addo, Bawumia, Ken Ofori-Atta are competing

Being intelligent is not the same as common sense or being guided by divine wisdom to serve the interests of the people, today's criminals and corrupt officials all pride themselves in being sophisticatedly intelligent but to appreciate true wisdom they can never accept or comprehend.Its evident that Nana has surrounded himself with smooth talking bullshitters who know nothing except for kissing ass like Bawumia .He lacks proper advisors who are knowledgeable in geopolitics and its effect on economies , he has no one with any understanding of industrialization , the culture of security or even historical understanding of the true nature of the forces that influence the world . Nana is a weak president who doesn't know how to use the power to serve the interests of the people.Some people want to ignore the fact that our nation overwhelmingly voted for change and not for a continuation of the old values but different criminals . They deny the the people wanted a total halt and u turn from the further islamisation , retrogression , primitiveness and irresponsible selfish corruption of our leaders so wish to seriously disappoint us with their stupidity.The basis of any successful beneficial productive or fruitful relationship be it public , private or intimate is RESPECT, no love or emotions or even freedom. Some deputy minister came and told our people to stop whining and didn't even get sacked because that is the general attitude or mindset of our ruling elite who think the people are there to serve him and his cronies to get rich and not he to serve the interests of the people . We see they do everything not to ensure the well-being of our people but cause distress , frustration , poverty , despair and systematically erase all positive potentials in favor of toxic situations and problems that will take 50 years or more to rectify. Another air-brained idiot minister comes out with glee to announce who are investors are so we get Turkey , China , Russia , Brazil , UAE but none with the ability to make available new technology or future markets we desire or are worth competing in.One the basic rules to industrialization is the acquisition of technologies in the form of sustainable profitable businesses and when that is done the desirable capital follows , thats what even China Japan or Germany did. They pay lip service to our desire for jobs and industrialization but when it comes to actually doing something they have their arms stretched. For example our IGP came out to say the police are poorly equipped yet we know there are several proposals to set up a pistol making factory , produce our own explosives /gun powder , uniforms etc from mainly christian democracies in Europe and the USA but all these are ignored because the diaspora promoters will not or cant afford to bribe our politicians so our police die in absurd stupid situations like what happened at Lapaz. Yes we are aware of over 50,000 in words fifty thousand proposals , ideas , factories , processing plants that our industrious Akan and the diaspora have developed over the past 150 years but what happens . The concepts or ideas are stolen , watered down and offered to Chinese and whatever toxic capital is out there and the promoters /developers killed , marginalized or in some other way destroyed so we get eventually half baked , incomplete white elephant projects like VALCO and such. Our self centered leaders and their arrogant political appointees are so sell indulged they fail to take heed to the world trends and secure a better future . Another example of an easy 3 million jobs we throw away because we refuse to think strategically is in tourism , instead of organizing that almost every household has one tourist standardized room and mobilizing our diaspora to encourage and support our tourism we choose to litter our landscape with edifices and buildings of terror/ fear , mosques. All Islamic countries or fake secular states are now loosing billions and instead of us capitalizing on this we alienate ourselves from the 15 to 30 billion dollars we could make per year by accepting all year round up 10 million christian tourists and continue to approve building of mosques even in police stations . I will elaborate over the next few months why we will not achieve within the next 15 years a robust economy of 500 billion dollars GDP even though its doable. We should seriously consider going to war to attain true freedom for our Akan people as there seems to be no peaceful way with this corrupt political oligarchy of fools .

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07-18 02:50
no justice no peace
insight to the bone
07-18 02:50