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A peep into Mahama's speech at UN

Comment: Mahama might be mistaken for a Japanese

2016-09-20 10:30:56
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A peep into Mahama speech at UN

Of course Mahama will be in his batakari smock otherwise he might be taken for a Japanese or any nationality but Ghanaian. We have the mistaken notion that wearing the batakari or a white robe or cloth defines us as Ghanaians and shows we are proud of our culture. Frankly, all nations have a culture, even ants have a culture. The Japanese have incredibly expensive local attire but even their Emperor will wear the international business suit as do all their top executives and diplomats and they are not mistaken for anything else other than being Japanese. They are respected for their achievements Not their attire. We make such a fuss about culture when we should be electing principled and honourable honest leaders to move us forward. We have this thing about drums, all primitive cultures have drums. The Japanese, however, have taken the manufacture of drums to a different level. The wearing of batakari and cloth in an international environment only shows that we have little to be proud about.

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Mahama might be mistaken for a Japanese
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