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Opinions of Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles

A peep into Mahama's speech at UN

By Charles Agbenu

John Kanazoe Human being Mahama is slated to address the UN general Assembly in a few hours' time as Ghana's president. I am anxious to hear him. I just wonder what Mahama is going to tell the august body about his NDC administration's achievements in the last eight years.

Now, it is known that in the last 8 years, Mahama/NDC administration has controlled about $40b foreign loans together with Gh? 200 b internal revenues and more than $4b oil funds.

Now, Will Mahama tell delegates his usual achievements in converting 1600 schools under trees to blockwork ; and also how he has constructed Kwame Nkrumah circle to New York standards, Kasoa interchange, Bekwai Hospital, Kaneshie Car Park, Cape Coast Kotokuraba market, Ho airport, Tamale airport to airlift pilgrims, ..... and all that jazz?

In other words, will Mahama do his famous project –listings at the UN assembly and brandish his stinking Green book of phantom achievements which he has used to bamboozle the electorate in Ghana? I suspect Dr. Omane Boamah, Fiifi Kwete, Asiedu 'Fur Coat' Nketsia (winter is around) will be around Mahama to assist him to list the overpriced projects. We just want to note that in 2008, John Mahama, then in opposition, had described such project-listings, NPP government indulged in as an act of mediocrity.

We continue our article. Will Mahama also tell UN that after sinking the above mentioned gargantuan public funds into all those developments in 8 years, the Ghana overall growth rate is a mere 3.5% when it used to be 9.3% in 2009 when NDC took over? Then, will he tell them that the interest rate is hovering around 35% when it was 25% in 2009, the debt/GDP ratio is now 73% compared to 49% in 2009.

Another story I think Mahama should tell UN is that Agric growth rate is 0.004% as compared to 6% in 2009; and also that the yearly output of Cocoa, the mainstay of Ghana's economy is 750,000 tons when it rose to 1,000,000 tons in 2010. Then the fable about the Burkinabe Ford Expedition car gift or kick-back will be told, I think.

The UN and international world will wonder how on earth such an incompetent President Mahama with such a dubious management and moral record can have the effrontery to want to be voted for again in a democracy.

They know such a happening can occur only in a country where democracy is an ass to be ridden.

What a fraud! Somebody has to tell Mahama that the Burkinabe bribery episode ALONE will be enough to bring a government down in a serious modern democracy. The bad economy will be a secondary issue.

Ghana has to be saved from further dissipation of public funds from the unbounded profligacy of Mahama and his greedy bastards.

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