General News of Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Source: GNA

I don't possess supernatural powers - Kombian tells Court

Johnson Kombian, the businessman and farmer, who is being held for the death of two policemen in the Northern Region says he does not possess any supernatural vanishing powers.

According to him, if he had those supernatural powers he would have vanished from prison custody to meet his wife and children.

Opening his defence before an Accra Fast Track High Court, Kombian also said he was afraid of the Police because he had been declared wanted by the Police in the North.

Kombian, led in evidence by his counsel, Mr George Asamaney, said the medicine he had come across was ‘Paracetamol’, which he normally took whenever he had headaches.

According to him, the story of the three policemen, who were shot at Nankpanduri was news to him and that he never killed two out of the three policemen.

Kombian denied that he was a notorious robber, who was being sought for by the Police in the Northern Region.

The accused person, who described himself as Christian and therefore swore by the Bible, stated that, he did not bear any grudge against any police man let alone kill any of them.

“The Police have not snatched my wife or girlfriend from me. Neither have I also snatched any of their wives or girlfriends, so why should I kill them? Kombian asked.

The accused, married with four kids, spoke Twi while testifying. He denied ever taking part in any robbery or involving in any robbery case.

According to him, he only “stole a six battery tape recorder” and was jailed seven years by a lower court in Tamale.

Kombian, a farmer and a shop owner in Nankpanduri, said he however escaped from prison custody because he could not stand the prevailing conditions.

‘’In fact, since the day I was born, that was the only time I got myself involved in any case and also went to prison, I have never involved myself in armed robbery and as such I cannot be declared as a notorious robber,’’ the accused person stressed.

Kombian contended that after he escaped from prison custody in Tamale, he sought refuge at Togo where he spent three years.

‘’When I returned to Nankpanduri three years later, the Police had burnt and destroyed my mother in law, my mother and uncle’s houses, after subjecting them to some beatings.

"I think the Police embarked on that action between July 2008 and 2009,’’ Kombian declared.

Kombian contended that, he did not know why he was before the Fast Track High Court, saying, it was not true that on October 17, 2010 he and three others conspired to murder any policeman.

“It is never true that on that same day I and another person caused the death of Constable Prince Agyare and also attacked and killed Constable Owusu Frimpong.

“I am afraid of the Police because I escaped from custody. I don’t want to get close to them,” accused person said.

Kombian said on October 17, 2010, he was in Togo.

The accused person debunked the assertion by one Detective Corporal Samuel Darko Adinkra he (Kombian) that he was seen by witnesses riding on a motorbike, warning people to run away from the Police.

Kombian challenged Corporal Adinkra to produce those witnesses and their phone numbers so they could come and verify his (Adinkra’s) assertion.

Defence Counsel (DC): Corporal Osei Bonsu said he saw you shoot him and killed his two colleagues; tell the court what you know about that.

Kombian: I was in Togo. I am telling the truth. I did not kill any of the Policemen.

DC: In your Investigation cautioned statement, you stated that on October 16, 2010, you were in Nankpanduri.

Kombian: "Yes it is true. I went to Nankpanduri after I heard that my sister had passed away. In fact I went there to greet my family and returned to Togo the same day," adding, he only spent 30 minutes in Nankpanduri.

Answering questions under cross examination, Kombian denied an assertion by the Prosecution, led by Mrs. Marina Appiah Opare, Principal State Attorney that his statement that he returned to Nankpanduri on October 16, 2010 only to spend 30 minutes in the area was an afterthought.

“I was declared wanted by the Police so I could not have spent more than 30 minutes in the area,” the accused person stressed.

Kombian said the police did not capture everything he told them in his statement.

Hearing continues on August 19. Meanwhile Kombian is expected to call two witnesses.

At the last sitting, prosecution closed its case before an Accra Fast Track High Court, after calling six witnesses to make their case out.

Kombian was expected to open his defence on August 5, but was taken ill hence the matter was adjourned.

Kombian and his accomplices, who are on the run, are alleged to have ambushed three policemen, and killed two of them on 10 October, 2010.

The victims were Constables Prince Agyare and Owusu Frimpong.

Kombian has denied before a seven-member jury the charge of conspiracy, and two counts of killing the two police officers.

He has been remanded by the court.