General News of Thursday, 7 February 2013

Source: citi fm

Fidelity Bank will soon wire the money – GETFund assures

The GETFund has confirmed to Citi News that the students studying on scholarships in the UK have not yet received their tuition and living allowances, but Fidelity Bank is working on wiring the money to them.

The GETFund last week indicated that funds have been released to be made available to the students who are on the verge of being sacked from their respective institutions due to the non-payment of their fees.

In an interview with Citi News the Public Relations Manager for the GETFund, Stephen Baffoe explained that it takes time for the money to be wired but ‘within the next week, Fidelity should be able to wire the money to the individual account of the students.”

He indicated that the GHC 3 million which is currently being wired to the students in the UK and other countries is not enough to cover the full payment of their fees but management of the GETFund “is in talks with the various schools and whenever the invoices come in, GETFund will write back to the schools to indicate to them when we are able to pay off every bit of money that is owed to the schools.”

Mr. Baffoe also mentioned that the process to pay the living allowances for the students is also underway.

He expressed regret at the delay for the payment of the fees saying, “we told some of them especially those who were leaving in October that given the delay we were suffering from receiving our revenue from the Ministry of Finance, we could predict that there could be some difficulty.”

“Unfortunately, some were just eager to go; some had some money on them that they were prepared to go in waiting that we would send them some money afterwards. Things gave not gone the way we anticipated. For the students to be safe wherever they are, I have said that we are in talks with the various schools for them to know that we are still responsible for their stipends and their fees,” he added.