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Addo Kufuor Contradicts Himself

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Julor Jato (J.J.)Rawlings
2007-08-18 09:46:37
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The Upper Case Twat Again !

Ladies & Gents, the upper case twat has been let out of its chains again ! Firstly,there is no english word by name 'realy'. Okay? It is spelt "really". Yours sincerely will not be claiming any tution fee for that. Okay ? Now to let you know how chicken-size your mind is, I know all the ID's you have been using here. So don't think you can get away with it. At the appropriate time, I shall give you a list of all the ID'S you have been using here. It just shows how coward you are with so many identities. I write here with Jato Julor or Julor Jato Rawlings and will not swim in so many identities as you have been doing. If you had had a human brain, I would have asked you that among the two, the Hon. Addo kufuor and Joojo Bruce-Quansah the editor of The Palaver, who is credible ,or to bring it down to your age, who must be believed ? Quite unfortunately, with the chicken-size brain of yours,you will not be able to answer that question. Who in his right senses in Ghana believes anything published by Joojo Bruce Quansah or any of his cohorts from the stables of the Notorious Dirty Criminals known world-wide for the professionalism in shitbombing ? And who does not know that Jato Julor Rawlings has attempted on a lot of occasions to practise his only known profession (i.e. coup-de-tats)since the current govt took over ? After finding no one to help him out with his stupidity, he called on the armed forces to arrest the sitting president. Now what does that mean, bloke ? The mere fact the hawk eyes of Addo Kufuor and the ex-national security co-ordinator prevented the ilks of your fraternity to celebrate the advent of another so-called revolution does not nullify the fact that Julor Jato has tried and failed to overthrow the government on several occasions. He is just lucky that he failed on those occasions but if he had succeeded he would be sorry that he would not have celebrated 100 days in power alive. Those of us with human brains who love our country know what such news outlets from the shitbombers i.e. Lens,Ghanaweb, Palaver,Democrat,Daily Dispatch,Standard, Crystal Lens,The New Democrat,Searchlight, Enquirer,Weekly Standard,Radio Gold spew out only lies, lies,lies and yet again lies which cohorts like your ilk swallow hook,line and sinker. Keep on using the upper case to identify you of your stupidity. It is the trade-mark of your ilks of the shitbombing fraternity. Non obstante,it will never pollute the minds of Ghanaians to entrust the destiny of this land of ours in the hands of liers,criminals,rogues and practitioners of all known vices in the world. Name just one country in the world which was ruled for 20 years (apart from the DRC)by the same ruler and was left in such a mess like mother Ghana. Power-hungry greedy noodles only interested in nothing else than just power to kill,maim,brutalise and shitbomb. Away with your stupidity blokes !

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08-17 01:54
Julor Jato (J.J.)Rawlings
08-18 09:46