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Addo Kufuor Contradicts Himself

Comment: The Babirousa Resurfaces !

Julor Jato (J.J.)Rawlings
2007-08-18 07:04:44
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The Babirousa resurfaces again !!
That a castrated moron of your stature with a limited capacity to read and write will make it its past time to advertise its stupidity by writing this "AM TIRED OF CORRECTING YOU ALMOST ALWAYS SO GET THE FUCK OFF THE ROOM !!" and turning around to dispute my usuage of the queen's language is a puzzle that needs really to be unravelled. Do you see the error ? Learn to wipe your ass clean before complaining of a perceived fart from any quarters ! To display the impact of the extent to which the Acquired Protein Deficiency Syndrome (APDS)is currently hampering the proper coordination of your mental organs, you have been propped up to use the upper case at all times.It is a waste of intellectual energy to engage a castrated babirousa of your ilk who does not know even where and when to use puntuation marks. Your inability to even spell simple words fully just makes a mockery of your pretending to be a Prince Charles,bloke.You will do yourself some good if you learn when to use the upper case. Just to bring you back to saneness; have you ever heard the sentence " I will not like to be part of it" ? For such an immature,untutored imp to steal my time is something I have vowed never to condone but since your owner has left you unchained the whole day and therefore you are rabbling at a high tone , I had to. I will henceforth deal directly with your owner who I shall be holding responsible for your insanity. Since I am entirely convinced that you are way beyond 'repairs', I shall consider the proceedings 'finito'. So long bloke ..........

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08-17 01:54
The Babirousa Resurfaces !
Julor Jato (J.J.)Rawlings
08-18 07:04