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Addo Kufuor Contradicts Himself

Comment: Another Babirousa On The Loose

Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
2007-08-17 14:05:48
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Re: Who Does Not Know That .......

Yet another Babirousa on the loose ! As the saying goes, "a fool will remain a fool whether he goes to school or not" and you have really simplified that saying with the exhibition of your stupidity which is above all proporitions that I have so far encountered from your ilks here. You even do not know that this scancem scandal has been in the newspapers in Norway and on the internet since 2005 ? Poor fool, and you want to credit it to Kweku Baako ? He just decided to publish it in his newspaper this summer and nothing more. Your dehydrated-brain gave you the impetus to call yours sincerely a foolish and dirty contributor ? From your presentation and from the look of your utterances, it depicts an ignorant untutored babirousa just looking for a confrontation without any cause. Have you even heard of the $5 million dollar bribe being offered by affected personalities to Scancem to drop the case ? It sometimes bewilders me when warped minds like yours gain access to the internet and fail to make the best out of such an opportunity. I think I have to get in touch with your owner who has left you unchained today,thus your rabbling around, to get you back into your cage. Now,lest I forget, I eat twats for my dessert so take care if you are blindly heading in my direction. Okay ? So long .......

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08-17 01:54
Another Babirousa On The Loose
Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
08-17 14:05