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Both NDC and NPP have failed Ghanaians

Comment: Loose talk! DFP too!!

2007-01-13 16:33:22
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Both NDC and NPP have failed Ghanaians - Emika

He said both the National Democratic Party and New Patriotic Party have failed Ghanaians after giving them the mandate to rule the nation and therefore urged Ghanaians to vote the DFP into power during the 2008 general elections.
Listen to him too. From which corner of Ghana has he emerged with his block-headed rot? Was his boss not part of the ruling NDC at the time? He should go and ask him how he and NDC managed to fail Ghanaians and refrain from this childish propaganda. Who'll listen to him? 'Both NDC and NPP have failed Ghanaians'. Cheap and loose talk.

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01-13 14:01
Loose talk! DFP too!!
01-13 16:33