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Regional News of Monday, 3 May 2021


Unbearable heat forces KG pupils of Aboasa Presby to study under trees

Some pupils having an interaction with their teacher play videoSome pupils having an interaction with their teacher

Correspondence from Eastern Region:

Kindergarten pupils of the Aboasa Presby KG/Primary School in the Eastern Region would have no choice but to continue to study under trees, thanks to excessive heat they have to endure during teaching periods.

When GhanaWeb visited the school recently, our correspondent observed that school lessons for the KG 2 class were being held under a tree in the school though there were empty classrooms.

School authorities say the heat, occasioned by the structure of the classroom block, is so unbearable that they have no choice but to relocate classes to under a mango tree in the school after the first break.

A kindergarten (KG) 2 teacher of the school who was seen teaching the kids under the trees, Miss Hannah Agyarkwa explained to this portal that the current classroom is not convenient for teaching and learning.

“We have nice classrooms but the problem is that the classroom is too short and there is no enough space in the classrooms so during this time the classroom is too hot so for that matter during a hot period like this we can’t stay in the classroom so we normally come under the mango tree when it is after the first break so that we enjoy the fresh air,” Miss Agyarkwa explained.

The KG teacher who said teaching in a ventilated classroom would have been preferable however noted that the pupils were distracted by outside activities and found it difficult to concentrate on what they’re being taught.

“The problem that we have here too is the children, their attention, when a car is moving they’ll be looking at it, anything that goes on under the tree, they’ll be looking at it so that one also distracts the attention of the children which doesn’t make the teaching and learning effective,” she said.

She appealed to authorities to act swiftly to solve the problem by providing a conducive environment for teaching and learning.

“My appeal is that since we’re in the modern system, our classroom in fact is not good enough. We need a modern class where the children can be playing with teaching, learning materials…so we appeal that we get modern classroom whereby the children will be playing in the classroom, doing all the activities,” she said adding that there was not enough space for effective teaching and learning in the classroom.

The Headteacher of the school, Samson Wellington, described the problem as “so serious” because of the condition of the classrooms.

He said the school discussed the issue with the school management committee (SMC), the parent-teacher association (PTA), and the Assemblyman for the area who in turn raised it on the floor of the District Assembly meeting.

The headteacher whilst indicating that the problem had been discussed with various stakeholders on the school however called on well-spirited organisations to assist the school fix the problem.

“We talked to the Assemblyman who sent the case to the District Assembly and we also talked to the PTA, the SMC so they are trying to assist in a way but they find it difficult so we are pleading with any NGO and companies to come to the aid of the school by renovating it.”

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